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T.D. Wants You to be a Dol-Fit Kid!
Do You Have What It Takes?

Dol-Fit Kids are unique. they have a positive aura about them and always have a good time. With the guidance of T.D., Dol-Fit Kids are sound in both body and mind. Being able to read and excel in school as well as be fit and make positive choices is what separates a Dol-Fit Kid from others.

Dol-Fit Kid Requirements
This is the easiest part. You can be a Dol-Fit Kid today! How? All you have to do is commit yourself to reading books, eating healthy while getting plenty of exercise and making good decisions. That's it!
Step 1: Being Educated
What are the Benefits of an Education?
Your education stays with you throughout your life. It is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you. By being educated, you are making a commitment to yourself to being a better person. The more information you learn in school, the more marketable and flexible you will become. Being educated will leave you with a great sense of being able to think for yourself and form your own opinions. Being able to rationalize and analyze situations leads to a better perception of life.
Why Should I Stay in School?
Being able to read a book, understand mathematics and learn valuable life lessons all come from school. You will use information taught to you in school everyday for the rest of your life. As you get older, there will be both financial and social benefits to staying in school. The longer you stay in school, the more opportunities you will have in the workforce. Besides, staying in school means being able to hang out with your friends and play with your classmates.
I Want to Read more But Don't Know How to Get Started. What Should I Do?
Your school library is stocked with thousands of entertaining and enjoyable books. Everything you want for entertainment can be found in your school's library. From sports books to adventure novels, history facts to futuristic episodes, and all categories of books can be found in the library. You should try to make an effort to explore as many as possible. You never know where you will go next when you pick up a book.
Step 2: Staying Physically Fit
Why is Physical Fitness Important?
Physical fitness is one of the three parts of being a Dol-Fit Kid. Why is it important that you stay physically fit? Well, that's easy. Being fit means being able to keep your body active and engaged with eating healthy and getting proper exercise. When you are physically fit, you have more energy, are less likely to get sick and are less prone to future problems such as diabetes and heart disease. On the football field, being fit will lead to being able to run faster, jump higher and play longer.
How Can I Eat Healthy to be a Dol-Fit Kid?
T.D. keeps in peak physical condition by eating a healthy diet of raw fish as he swims in the ocean. Fortunately, it is much easier for a boy or girl to eat healthy without having to eat raw fish, like T.D. The food guide pyramid (PDF) lets you know how many servings of the different food groups you should eat in a day. It is broken down by color to easily identify which foods you should eat.

Orange = Grains: Foods in the grains section include bread, pasta and rice. Try to make sure the grains you consume are whole wheat. This limits the preservatives (artificial sweeteners and sugars) in your grains. The less sugar you eat in grains, the better. You should eat 6 oz. of grains everyday.

Green = Vegetables: Vegetables are very important, filling your body with much needed vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are useful in helping everything from your eyesight to your recovery from a sickness. Vegetables include a wide variety of colors and tastes ranging from a dark green broccoli to a bright orange carrot. Try to eat 2 1/2 cups everyday for good health.

Red = Fruit: Fruits are tasty and have great health benefits. Many grow on trees and taste great. Try to eat at least 1 1/2 cups of fruit a day. Apples, strawberries, cherries, oranges and tomatoes are all enjoyable fruits.

Blue = Milk: Milk is a great source of calcium helping bones grow to their fullest. Calcium in your body allows your bones to reach their full potential, making it possible for you to get tall. Many of the tall, strong athletes of the Miami Dolphins drank their three cups of milk a day in order to reach their current height.

Purple = Meat and Beans: Football players put great emphasis on the meat and beans section. This lets boys and girls grow and develop large muscles. Meat and beans are loaded with protein, the building blocks of muscles. Try to eat lean meats such as turkey, chicken or fish baked, broiled or grilled and avoid fried meats. Five (5) oz. of meats and nuts should be eaten daily.

Being able to eat right is the first critical element of being a Dol-Fit Kid. Even with a healthy diet, you need to be physically active to stay healthy.

What Exercises Can I Do to be a Dol-Fit Kid?
Exercising and being physically active is also important to your physical well-being. The Dolphins encourage you to get outside and play for at least one (1) hour a day. It can be a fun way to not only get healthy but improve your football skills. It can be as simple as playing a game of flag football with your friends during recess or after school. If you are alone, try working on your footwork and speed by doing basic running back or wide receiver drills. You can run routes, work on back pedaling or go for a jog. For non-football related exercise, you can ride a bike, rollerblade or play a game of tag. The key is being active for at least one (1) hour a day.
When Can I Start being a Dol-Fit Kid?
This is the easiest part, you can start right now. By doing simple activities and eating the right foods, you will soon be fit enough to hang out with T.D.
Step 3: Making Positive Choices
How Can I Identify What is a Possible Bad Situation?
Bad situations can be everything from a stranger trying to offer you a ride home, a fight breaking out at school or a friend trying to offer you drugs. There are ways to avoid bad situations and to make a proper decision. When a stranger offers you a ride home, always say no. Leave right away and find an adult you know and trust. Never walk home alone and try to be accompanied by an adult.
What Can I Do If Somebody Is Trying to Pick A Fight with Me?
When a possible fight is occurring, your peers may put pressure on you to solve your differences with violence. This is not a good option. Walk away from a fight and never give in to peer pressure. The stronger person will walk away from a fight, and not engage in violence. If you continue to get bullied, seek the assistance of a grown-up and tell your teacher about the situation.
What Can I Do If Somebody Tries to Offer Me Drugs?
When somebody offers you drugs, walk away and say "no" immediately. A person who is willing to use or offer you drugs is not your friend. It may be difficult to say no to a person, especially if he or she is a friend or relative, but never give in to somebody offering you drugs. They may try to make it seem like a cool thing, and tell you "everybody is doing it", but nothing can be further from the truth. Professional athletes cannot perform if they have used drugs. The Miami Dolphins have a firm anti-drug policy. By being safe and drug-free, you can be just like the Miami Dolphins football team.
Are There any Tips to Help Me Decide which is a Good Choice Compared to a Bad Choice?
Everybody has difficult choices to make. As you get older, even more and more difficult decisions will be in your future. The key is to understand which choice is the good decision to make. A simple phrase to remember is the "Mom Rule." When a difficult decision arises, just ask yourself, "Would my mom approve of what I am about to do?" If the answer is, "No, my mom would not like me doing this," just say no and avoid the situation. The "Mom Rule" is easy to use and will help guide you though difficult decisions.