The Grind

  • The Grind: Wildcard

    (3:14) Posted Feb 8, 2017

    The Grind takes us inside the Wildcard game between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • The Grind: Dolphins Special Teams

    (3:01) Posted Dec 22, 2016

    We see how special teams sets the tone early in this episode of "The Grind".

  • The Grind "Juice"

    (2:08) Posted Nov 14, 2016

    Jarvis "Juice" Landry takes us through his grind and why he lives for Sundays

  • The Grind : Home Sweet Home

    (3:16) Posted Oct 14, 2016

    The renovations to Hard Rock Stadium were a massive undertaking. See what happened behind the scenes to get the stadium ready for Week 3 against the Cleveland Browns.

  • The Grind: On The Road

    (4:10) Posted Sep 26, 2016

    The Miami Dolphins hit the road for the first two games of the season.

  • The Grind: The Beginnings

    (4:37) Posted Sep 11, 2016

    Get a behind the scenes look from our equipment and video staff as the Dolphins get prepared for week 1 in Seattle, Washington.

  • The Grind: Cam Wake

    (1:59) Posted Sep 3, 2016

    Follow Cam Wake's mindset and road to recovery following his season-ending injury last year in Foxborough.

  • The Grind: Running Backs

    (2:26) Posted Aug 26, 2016

    We follow the Miami Dolphins running backs in this weeks edition of The Grind.

  • The Grind: Linebackers

    (3:10) Posted Aug 18, 2016

    The Miami Dolphins head to their first preseason game of the year against the Giants. We follow the story of the linebacker core throughout the week.

  • The Grind: Offensive Line

    (2:49) Posted Aug 10, 2016

    Step on the practice field with the offensive line for episode 2 of "The Grind".