Aikens: "I Want To Be A Dominating Player"

Posted May 10, 2014

Dolphins fourth-round draft choice talks about his style of play and his desire to be a dominating player.

(On if he’s surprised at being drafted in the fourth round) – “Really I was just waiting on the opportunity. I didn’t care where I went as long as I went. The fact that the Dolphins picked me up in the fourth … I’m feeling good about it, I’m excited about the decision and I’m ready to play.”

(On if he thought he was on the Dolphins’ radar at all) – “Yeah. I took a visit a couple of weeks ago and I just fell in love with the coaches. They have a lot in common with my goals and I have a lot in common with their plans. They like big physical corners so I’m there for that.”

(On what his goals are) – “To come in and compete right away. From day one. Come in and showcase my abilities and make some plays on the ball.”

(On what he’ll be competing for – playing time, special teams, etc.) – “Everything. Everything. Every aspect of the game. Playing time ... I want to come in and learn the system and then get incorporated into the mix. I want to be a starter. That’s my goal. I want to come in and be a dominating back, I want to be a dominating player. That’s what I’m competing for.”

(On why he left Illinois) – “I bought a laptop from a teammate and it turned out to be stolen. I was charged with possession of stolen property, which was a misdemeanor, and the school was really trying to set an example out of some football players at the time and they thought it was best that I left. Coach Ron Zook was my head coach at the time. He fought for me to stay but the school wouldn’t let me stay. He gave me the right of way to transfer to some other schools.”

(On why he chose Liberty) – “I had a good season my freshman year and I knew that if I dropped down a division I could go in and play right away. So that was my whole mindset for choosing Liberty.”

(On if he played any slot corner) – “Yes. I played nickel, I played safety, I played corner on the island, I can do it all. I’m a versatile player and I don’t have any problem with adjusting.”
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