Albert: I Know I Can Help This Team Win

Posted Mar 12, 2014

Branden Albert meets the media and comments on what he plans to bring to the team as well as what excites him about the Dolphins' offense that he joins.

Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey introduction – “Hi guys, I appreciate everyone coming out. Forgive my horse voice. It’s been a lot of talking on the phone over the past several days once this three-day period opened up. I just want to welcome everybody. This is a big day for the Miami Dolphins. It’s a very exciting day with the addition of Branden Albert, a 29-year-old Pro Bowl left tackle, a premier player at a premier position. Obviously the Miami Dolphins, the bar has been set high with Richmond Webb as the left tackle, but we are excited to bring in Branden Albert. He was always a targeted guy from the first day I got here. He was the first guy Coach (Joe) Philbin and I sat down and watched. As we continued to do our research, watch more film and talk collectively about him, it was clear he was going to be the targeted player for us. Obviously at the negotiating period we started that process. I would have to give appreciation to our team. This has been a collaborative effort with a lot of cumulative work from our pro scouting department to our coaches with all their input to our operations that helped them with the logistics once we had Branden on a visit last night, had dinner, so many pieces that came together to make this day. Through the negotiating process, it was a great relationship. There is always tough negotiation, but Dawn Aponte did an outstanding job. I appreciate the professionalism and the productive nature with Branden’s representation, Brad Leshnock, Ron Slavin and Joe Flanagan. It was clear to us that we wanted Branden here as our left tackle, then as we had dinner with him last night and with our coaches and even had a couple of players. Probably the happiest person at the dinner table was Ryan Tannehill, so he was really excited about the opportunity to have a player of his caliber on our team. We are excited to add him to the Miami Dolphins, and with that I will introduce you guys to Branden Albert.”

Branden Albert:

(On what was the biggest selling point to him with his meetings with Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin) - “Basically I’m going to be here to play left tackle and make a difference. That’s the whole reason why I’m here, to make a difference and be the caliber of player I know I can be to help this team win, protect the quarterback and to help guys make plays and, you know, get the W’s in the wins column. ”

(On how important the quarterback to left tackle relationship is) - “It has to be very important. I have to protect (Ryan Tannehill’s) blindside. I think we all know how important that is. A quarterback has to be upright to do his job, and that’s what I’m here for to protect his blindside so he can produce and do what he is supposed to do.”

(On if there was any other team he considered in this negotiation) - “The Miami Dolphins is the team I wanted to be on. We got it done, and I’m happy to be here.”

(On why he wanted to be on the Dolphins) - “Because I feel like this is a team where my talents could flourish, where I could help the most and where I could make my legacy better as a player. If I could help this team win, which I will try, and if things go right, that will help me along with my legacy of where I want to be as a great football player.”

(On how eager he will be to find out who his starting teammates will be on the offensive line) - “I’m eager, but I’m very confident that the coaching staff and the organization will find the right players that will fit the schemes and the mold of what’s going around here. When things happen, we’ll get to work.”

(On what he thought about the trade discussions with him and the Dolphins last year) - “I really didn’t think anything of it. Everything could be a rumor. Things can transpire. It didn’t, and I didn’t come here last year. I really can’t worry about. I’m just worried about being here now.”

(On where he is with the issues regarding his back) - “I’m healthy now. I’m ready to play football, and I’m ready to get to work. That’s the most important thing.”

(On where he sees the future of the team and what direction it is heading) - “They’ve got a lot of young talent. One of the young talents I like is Mike Pouncey. I’m very excited to be playing with him. I played with three great centers in my career: Casey Wiegmann, Rodney Hudson and now Mike Pouncey. So I know how important it is to have a center, and I’m playing with a great one. I’m very excited about that.”

(On what he feels his responsibility is to be a leader in this locker room) - “My responsibility is to just come in, be the football player I know I can be and lead this team. I’m not worried about what happened last year, the previous of what was going on. I’m worried about the future of the Miami Dolphins, and it starts today.”

(On how he would describe his game and his biggest strength) - “Whoever is the best pass rusher on that Sunday, I’ll block him. That’s my job, protect the quarterback, open up the holes for the running back. I believe I can do it all.”

(On his ties to Miami) - “I’ve been training down here I’d say the last three off-seasons. I live downtown Miami, which I probably won’t be any more because of the commute. That’s the only reason I’ve been down here to train with my trainer Manny Sumner at Legacy Fit. Now I’m an officially a resident down here, I guess I have to find a place closer to the facility.”

(On if there is an issue with continuity amongst offensive linemen with a possibility of four new starters) - “It’s important that an offensive line gels, but you have guys like I said Mike Pouncey and Branden Albert, guys that have been around and guys that have good leadership and you being a good player hope that guys come along, that’s part of the job and part of being a good player. You have to bring guys along, make sure you gel, listen to the coaches, get things right and try to get things right early and often.”

(On how many people were at the dinner last night) - “A nice group of people, a nice size.”

(On what players were at the dinner) - “Ryan (Tannehill) and Mike (Pouncey).”
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