Alumni 5: Five Questions With Pete Stoyanovich

Posted Jul 13, 2017

What is your second best sport?

My second best sport is soccer for sure. I grew up playing soccer and was a member of the Junior National Team. Basically I was taught quite a lot about the sport by my father, who was a pro. I had a real love for the game and my childhood memories were because of soccer. I have a lot of great memories playing soccer during my youth days. All the traveling took me around the world. I also played soccer at Indiana. I think the reason why I went to Indiana was because of their soccer program and the ability for me to play both sports in college. That was a big thing for me in making my decision to go to college. 

What was the greatest moment in your career?

  It was the 58-yard field goal against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card playoff game in 1990. It’s still an NFL record for the longest field goal in the playoffs. It wound up being an important kick in the game (the Dolphins won 17-16) and helped us advance in the playoffs. It was early in the second quarter, we had the wind at our back, and Coach Shula asked me what I thought about kicking such a long field goal. I told him I could kick it that far and I went out there and hit it. That was a big thrill for me. It was an NFL record and it helped up win the playoff game.    

What is the best coaching advice you ever got?

I had the pleasure to play for Coach Shula, one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and he gave me the best advice I remember. In my rookie season when I was struggling early on and the nerves were setting in, I was having a rough go at the beginning. But I remember Coach Shula grabbing me by the face mask and telling me, “Just to kick the football and do what you do best. That’s why we brought you here.” At that moment in time I think it released some of the stress I had and some of the pressure I might have been feeling so early in my career, and the rest was history.  

What was the best vacation you took as a player?

While I don’t know if I would really call it a vacation, I enjoyed the time we played in Germany during the preseason (1992). We stayed in Berlin and played against Denver out there. Our hotel was in what was formerly East Berlin and it was interesting to see the differences between East and West Berlin so soon after their reunification. It also was fascinating to see some parts of the Berlin Wall that were still standing. And there were a lot of Dolphins fans out there. We got a very warm welcome wherever we went during that trip. The experience was fantastic.

 What career would you have been in it if weren’t for football?\

   I probably would have been a professional soccer player. Certainly I think I had the ability to do that. At a very young age I had the opportunity to go to Europe and play and I was part of the national team growing up in high school. If I had made any prediction about that, without a doubt I probably would have been overseas playing soccer. 

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