Alumni 5: Vernon Carey

Posted Mar 7, 2018

Who is the toughest player you faced? There is no doubt that the toughest player I ever went against was Tim Bowens in practice. I always felt that if I could survive a week going against Tim in practice that game day would be a piece of cake.

What player did you admire growing up? To me, Orlando Pace is in the Hall of Fame because he set the standard for offensive linemen. He was someone I admired growing up and did my best to emulate him each and every Sunday.

What former teammate are you closest with? No doubt it is Ronnie Brown. He is as great a person off the field as he was on it.

What would you have done for a career if it wasn't for football? I always wanted to work with and influence the next generation. I think I would have been a middle school math teacher.

What are you doing today? I spend a lot of my time with my wife and four children. I also spend time with the Vernon Carey Foundation. We have our 3rd annual Vernon Carey Foundation Father and Son Billiards Tournament coming up on Saturday, March 17 for fathers and sons of all ages and skills. We also have our 9th annual Vernon Carey Foundation Golf Tournament coming up on Friday, April 6 at Weston Hills Country Club. We help children from local non-profits and schools year-round and believe in giving them a vision of hope. For more information on my Foundation, please visit

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