Andy Cohen: 1972 Team Gets A Reward It Deserves

Posted Aug 13, 2013

White House visit is a long overdue honor for a special team.


So the White House is honoring the 1972 Miami Dolphins? About time, don’t you think?

I know. I know. The White House didn’t honor championship teams back in the 70s. But if any team truly deserves a chance to meet the President wouldn’t it be that team? Barack Obama is 2-0 in presidential campaigns. Wonder how he’d react having to go 17-0?

So this Tuesday afternoon in Washington, 41 years after their still perfect accomplishment, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will get another moment to savor, a moment to cherish, a moment that truly will serve as the capper to an achievement that I believe will never be duplicated.

Details of this unexpected get together are slowly coming in. Why now? Which Dolphins will attend? Who or what was the driving force behind this?

While those answers are important, nothing can really change the bottom line: A team that keeps giving, a team that still remains the shining light of this franchise, will receive the ultimate honor.

The players are much older now; some of them are sadly no longer around. Same for the coaches. Many of the assistants that were so crucial to Don Shula’s success are no longer with us. But there is still Shula – the face of this franchise for so many years -- and Bob Griese and Paul Warfield and Larry Csonka and so many players who won with class and dignity and even today live their lives in a similar manner.

President Obama knows sports. He knows history. And he certainly knows that the accomplishment of these 1972 Dolphins is something that has withstood the test of time.

So bring on Shula! And Griese! And Warfield! And the rest of the ’72 Dolphins! And watch as they shake hands with the leader of the free world and even in this latter stage of their lives, watch the pride and satisfaction as they do so.

How appropriate that those 1972 Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins to cap off that perfect season and now they get to go Washington to be admired and honored once again.

Indeed, it is long overdue. A special moment for a special team.
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