Behind Enemy Lines: Words From The Opposition

Posted Nov 28, 2012

The Patriots head coach and quarterback talk about the Dolphins.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are so familiar with the Miami Dolphins and playing at Sun Life Stadium that their answers to questions from the South Florida media have begun to sound repetitive.

Of course, this is a new coaching staff for the Dolphins with a rookie quarterback and a brand new defensive scheme. Here’s what the two Patriots mainstays had to say today on their conference calls:

“I think they have a lot of good players. They’re well coached and they have a good scheme. They put a lot of pressure on you with a lot of different blitz packages, bringing safeties, defensive backs and linebackers. The front’s good. They do a good job on the edge with obviously (Cam) Wake, who is one of the top rushers in the league, (Koa) Misi and (Olivier) Vernon’s done a good job for them. Inside they’re disruptive with (Paul) Soliai, (Randy) Starks and (Jared) Odrick. They have (Reshad) Jones and (Chris) Clemons, a couple of young safeties that have done a nice job, (Sean) Smith and (Jimmy) Wilson at their nickel spot. They’ve got a lot of young players on defense, particularly in the secondary but they seem to be playing well. They’ve got a lot of experience there at linebacker with (Karlos) Dansby and (Kevin) Burnett. They’re a very good overall group and they’re well coached. They’re physical. They play hard and knock the ball off a lot of people. They get a lot of negative plays because of their penetration and pressure in the front, so they’re a very solid defense, good in the red area, good on third down. They’re tough to run the ball against, they hit the quarterback and do a lot of things well.” – Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on the challenges of facing Miami’s 4-3 defense

“I’ve always thought he was a very good receiver inside or outside. He’s hard to tackle, he’s quick, he’s an explosive guy and he’s got good speed. He’s hurt us inside and he’s hurt us on the perimeter. You can go all the way back to the ‘09 game and probably every game since then. He’s a good player. He can do a lot of different things for you, run reverses, catch long passes, catch short passes and slip screens. He’s always been in the return game. (Marcus) Thigpen’s done a great job for them returning but we know he can return, too, so he’s a dangerous player.” – Belichick on Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess

“It’s a very disruptive front with one of the best group of linebackers in the league with Burnett and Dansby and Misi and the defensive line is very disruptive. They’re big, powerful guys and Cameron Wake is as good a pass rusher in the league as there is. It’s a great front seven and in the back end the two safeties have been in there all year and are playing well and the cornerback group is playing well. It’s a good defense. They’re disruptive, they stop the run and they get to the quarterback so we’ve got to be able to kind of understand the strengths and try to go down and execute against a very good defense, one that always is a challenge for us, especially in Florida in December.” – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on what stands out to him about the Dolphins defense

“I haven’t had a chance to see Ryan play too much. I’ll certainly get a chance to see him play in person but I always hear great things about them. Obviously, his teammates think a lot of him and that’s most important because if you don’t have the respect of your teammates then you’re never going to be a good leader for the team or a good example of what the team’s all about or a good example for what the organization is really preaching. Obviously, his teammates have a lot of respect for him, as they should. They lost some close games this year and I’m sure they’re going to give us their best.” – Brady on if there can be any comparisons made between Ryan Tannehill and a young Tom Brady
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