Brian Hartline Press Conference Video And Transcript

Posted Mar 8, 2013

Read a transcript and watch the video of Hartline's press conference.

(On how important it was for him to come back) - “It was really important. Here nor there, this is my decision where I wanted to be so there’s probably some sacrifices that will have to be given. I think to get to an even deal but I’m happy. I think they’re happy and that’s probably the good sign of a good deal.”

(On what he was going through last year and now his big contract) - “It’s kind of been a whirlwind, I guess. It’s amazing how quick you can forget, because I kind of put it behind me and then you have my girlfriend, my family members and even (his agent) Drew (Rosenhaus) remind me, hey remember when I saw you in the hospital and we didn’t know if you were going make it on the team and then all of a sudden a year later it’s different. So, you know it’s just perseverance, part of the sport but it’s kind of in the past. So it’s kind of amazing how fast you can forget.”

(On the developing rapport with Ryan Tannehill) - “Yeah it’s important. Obviously we had growing pains last year. Hence the record too. So coming back and still be associated with the organization and then being able to grow from that makes it kind of worthwhile. If you kind of have to start over at scratch again, then it’s like well all the growing pains we had already went through is kind of really not worth a whole lot. Now that we had all of those growing pains, it’s kind of, it’s a foundation and you can grow from that. To build a foundation with all new people and all new situation in one year and also succeed is pretty rare. So, again our growing pains now valuable at this point.”

(On why it was important for him to stay) - “For me personally I liked being here. The coaching staff I thought a lot of. I think it was important to me for the person I am because I’m a guy that’s going to lay it out there every day and every week, every Sunday. I wanted to be somewhere where they wanted me. Obviously they want your production, but they want the player more than just the number. So I felt that was the case here and I thought that was important.”

(On if he was curious about his value would have been on the open market) - “Kind of curious. We kind of had a good feeling for it. We kind of already knew in a way. We were able to chat a little bit and feel things out and definitely it would have been more lucrative but I think it wasn’t as important for me personally.”

(On how close he will be watching free agency and if he will try to help recruit players) - “Yeah. One thing I’m not short of is talking. If they want me to hang out and tell them what’s great and what’s not and be real and really what we’re trying to here. They could probably tell how sincere I am when I think we were getting close. So I’m hoping. As soon as I signed, I’m like look let’s go recruiting now. So I hope I’m invited to those dinners.”

(On his excitement of the team resigning Matt Moore) - “Yeah, I knew last night. You guys are behind the eight ball (laughing). Yeah I was excited. You know we would be talking, because me and Matt are buddies, so we were talking about how we’re like, at one point we were like man is it going to work out. You know we’re talking back and forth. His pains, my pains and I was like, look bro it always works out. And I said it worked out, he’s like yeah it always does. So it was good that he’s here too. He’s one of my buddies.”

(On how much money means if he could have gotten more elsewhere) - “It’s important, but you know to me, I guess you can never have enough but then you always want more, I don’t know. I think there is a point where it’s like you know enough for me. An extra, I don’t want to talk about numbers, because the average American is like that’s a lot of money and I understand that but it shows how much more important it is for me to in this organization and being in South Florida and what we’ll growing than it is to just chase the top dollar.”

(On if this contract ‘sets him up for life’) - “No. You can always want more. Right? That’s a joke. It’s a good blessing. Absolutely. After football I’ll be chasing it all too.”

(On if he has talked to Ryan Tannehill since he signed) - “No I texted him. I think he’s travelling with (Anthony) Fasano, I think doing some stuff. But that’s about it. Wait ‘til he gets back. I think we’re going to start throwing here the next couple weeks. So, definitely see him then.”

(On his thoughts of the team potentially pursuing free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace and the potential of the receiving corps) - “I think it’s important. I think we have some good guys but we also have guys, really on the roster, we probably don’t have a ton of depth now. I think Marlon (Moore) is a free agent. We always said, I mean, throughout the year you’re going to have injuries. You need to have at least, I think four receivers that you can depend on. Not saying we can’t depend on the other guys, but that are big play makers to win in this league. It’s a passing league. It is what it is, and I think the more playmakers you can have on a team the more valuable the offense is going to be and it is what it is. It’s just the growth of the NFL.”

(On his growth potential does he see in himself) - “I think there’s plenty of growth (potential), because there’s a lot growth in the offense. It doesn’t matter what the role and the numbers say because a lot people want to characterize growth as numbers, but if we’re winning more football games and we’re still having good production numbers too but it’s not like you’re (going to be) in the top five (statistically)every year. But the growth comes throughout the entire offense being a part of that and winning championships. That’s really what it comes down to.”

(On the talk in the media that he’s being overpaid now) - “There’s no such thing as being overpaid in the NFL. Because the market price is the market price and when you ask that in three years, you’re signing a five-year contract where you are only allowed to have that much money but they’re able to cut you and you’re in a situation where you’re trying to compete the next five years with that contract. So evaluating year one is ludicrous. I don’t know why people think that way. It’s silly to think that way.”

(On if he wants to be a face for the franchise) - “I don’t know about being a face. I just want to be a leader, I mean, within the locker room. That’s what’s most important to me. If I’m a person that other people want to put as a face for the franchise, great. It would be an honor, but I’m more concerned with my peers than anything else.”

(On what the offense is going through right now with Jake Long and Reggie Bush potentially not coming back in 2013) - “I think that’s part of those growing pains. I mean you’re coming out of a situation where those are guys who are going to be hard to replace, but everyone has that problem. Everyone’s on the same team every year and those are some of the positions that we’re going to have address and I think we have some young guys that are doing a phenomenal job. But again, I’ll help recruit, but I think the coaches have a pretty good handle on what they want to do.”

(On how much he enjoyed playing under Coach Philbin and Coach Sherman) - “It’s been awesome. I love playing for Coach Sherman. I think a lot of him. I think a lot of Coach Philbin and Coach O’Keefe as well, the receiver room. So it’s actually is great having a dynamic with Coach McGeoghan to as an assistant receiver coach. So I’ve always said that you judge a Head Coach by the company he keeps with his coaching staff and if that’s the case, Joe Philbin is second to none. He’s done a great job putting a great staff around him and now it’s kind of the players turn to kind of relay that because players are usually a direct reflection of their coaches. So we should start playing well if that’s the case.”

(On if he’s going to ‘stay hungry’ now that he has a new contract) - “Oh yeah. Now I feel more pressure because I feel like I have to justify it so that’s not an issue. I’m not a guy that’s just going to lay back. I feel more, if anything, that… I was probably more concerned about being overpaid than I was being underpaid to be honest with you. So that’s just kind of how it was.”

(On mentioning it being time to win) - “Yeah, because I want to win so bad and I think I’ve never been in a situation where, I’m kind of fighting the mediocre .500 seasons. We had some success at Ohio State and even when you’re young, I mean, to in the NFL you probably had success growing up. So we all want to continue that success. Second year with the new coach, great coaching staff and I think we’re on the right path.”

(On looking back coming in as a fourth round draft pick to where he is now and how he puts it in perspective) - “(I’m) just a person that takes advantage of an opportunity. That’s really all it comes down to. I think with the first opportunity, I was texting (General Manager) Mr. (Jeff) Ireland and it was funny how my rookie camp I tweaked a hamstring and I was hurt for a little bit and he said something about okay it’s time to get that hamstring healthy because we’re not going to keep you around if you don’t get healthy kind of thing. So that was the first opportunity he gave me and now he’s giving me a second one and the rest of the coaching staff and then I guess the opportunity last year to be more of a feature guy. So it all comes in pieces but it all about opportunities.”

(On if he did any celebrating last night to mark the new contract) - “No. We played some golf today with my brother over at Grand Oaks, which I birdied (hole) 17 by the way.”

(On if he has any plans to do anything special that he could not do prior to signing) - “No. If you’re playing in the NFL for four years and there wasn’t something you couldn’t already do with that money you have some bad expectations. So anything I wanted to do I’ve done. It’s a great blessing but no there’s nothing more that I need to do. And if I do it’s a secret. I don’t want tell people out there.”

(On having any scoop on Jake Long like he did on Matt Moore) - “I haven’t heard anything.”

(On fans on Twitter wanting more touchdowns from him) - “So do I. Sounds good. Coach Sherman I hope you’re hearing that. (laughing)”

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