Bush Has A Huge Fan In Kelly Ripa

Posted May 18, 2012

Reggie Bush was making a point Friday morning about the unique concept of horizontal showers when Kelly Ripa interrupted him.

“I don’t even know what you’re saying right now, every time you look at me I get mesmerized,” Ripa told Bush before turning to look at the audience on hand for “LIVE! with Kelly.” “I do. I love him, I’m not going to lie. I’ve made it no secret.”

Bush replied with a smile: “Really?”

“No, I tell everyone, anyone who will listen to me,” Ripa answered. “I say I love Reggie Bush. And I wanted to wear my I love Reggie Bush T-shirt and (executive producer Michael) Gelman wouldn’t let me. He said, you should dress like a lady.”

At this point, Bush reached down from the desk he and Ripa were sitting behind and brought up an aqua Dolphins jersey. It featured Bush’s number 22 but had RIPA on the back.

“I will worship this,” Ripa said. “I will worship this jersey. I will wear this to bed every night ... think about our time together.”

For the second time in five months, Bush spent an hour with Ripa as a guest co-host on her nationally syndicated morning TV show.

Bush’s first appearance in January started off a week where all the guest co-hosts came from the sports world.

Bush handled himself so well that he earned another invitation, and this time he was the only athlete among the guest co-hosts of the week.

And as if Ripa didn’t do enough to make Bush feel at home, one of the guests was a fellow former USC athlete, actor Tom Selleck.

Selleck, on hand to promote the latest in his series of TV movies “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt,” went to USC on a basketball scholarship.

After first talking about Jujyfruits, Selleck quickly said, “Fight On,” as he moved to shake Bush’s hand.

“Fight On” happens to be the title of the USC fight song.

Selleck then talked about his athletic career, joking that he had a disagreement with his coach because he felt he should play and the coach felt he should be on the bench.

After mentioning he also played volleyball at USC, Selleck then talked about never being able to beat cross-town rival UCLA, something Bush never failed to do during his time as a Trojans running back.

Selleck then talked about his canine co-star, a golden retriever who just so happens to be named Reggie.

As Selleck kept talking about the dog’s acting talents, Bush joked that he kept thinking Selleck was talking about him.

After wearing a light gray jacket for his first “LIVE! with Kelly” appearance, Bush wore a dark jacket Friday.

He and Ripa walked onto the stage as the song “Last Dance” was playing, a tribute to singer Donna Summer, who died of cancer in Naples on Thursday.

“I love the new studio,” Bush immediately remarked. “It’s good to be back.”

After Ripa said how much she loved Summer’s music and how many of her songs are in her iPod, Bush interjected: “My mom loved Donna Summer.”

Other well-known Summer songs played throughout the show before and after commercials.

Once Ripa got done asking Bush when he got to New York (Thursday), the banter in the early part of the show focused on Bush’s love life.

“I knew it was coming,” Bush said with a laugh.

“I worry about you,” Ripa replied. “I stay awake at night.”

Bush then indicated he is “still dating” and “hasn’t narrowed anything down.”

After a pause, he added, “Let’s go on to the next thing.”

The topic of relationships continued a little longer, although the focus shifted to text messaging.

Bush then got a round of applause when he said he’s never sent a text message to the wrong woman while dating more than one person at the same time — because, Bush said, “I’m a one-woman man and I’ve never dated multiple girls at the same time.”

Bush’s personal life was closed after Ripa made this confession: “We’ve gone much further than I thought we would go.”

After the small talk, Bush and Ripa began reading news items, including the previously mentioned horizontal shower and a New Jersey law calling for a fine for careless walking (walking while texting).

Before talking about a tattoo convention, Ripa asked Bush whether there was any art on his body, and the answer was no.

“I’m the last of the Mohicans,” Bush said. “My little brother has tattoos all over the place. I don’t know, I just never got into it. I just never felt there was anything that important to where I needed to remind myself of it every day.”

Bush squirmed just a little when Ripa revealed immediately after that she had a couple of tattoos, including the name of her husband on the inside of her left wrist.

Before going to commercial and bringing out the first guest (Selleck), Bush told Ripa he had brought with him a YouTube video showing a man firing off firecrackers while his wife is examining a gun after he had warned her repeatedly about playing with the firearm.

After Selleck’s spot came a profile of the show’s fifth and final Top Teacher finalist, a touching story of a teacher named Kristin Golia who spent countless after-work hours with a student who would eventually succumb to cancer.

The final guest on the show was actress Krysten Ritter, the star of the ABC sitcom “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.”

When Ritter explained that she got her start in modeling, Bush then asked her whether she lived in an apartment in New York with seven or eight other models.

After acknowledging that fact, Ritter added with a smile, “You obviously know a thing or two about that.”

Bush replied: “I swear it was on the cue card.”

After Ritter’s appearance, it was time for the wrap-up.

“I want to thank you, Reggie, you’re delightful,” Ripa said. “Love having you here.”

No doubt the feeling was mutual.

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