Clabo: It's A Humbling Experience Going Against Wake

Posted Jul 28, 2013

Tackle Tyson Clabo speaks with reporters about the progress of the Dolphins offensive line as the unit looks to come together quickly during training camp, despite several recent changes within the first team line. Hear Clabo describe the importance of having a group of versatile linemen as well as his challenge of competing against All-Pro Cam Wake during practice.

(On having experience with zone-read blocking)– “Early in my career, my first three seasons I was in this league, we ran a very similar system. It’s not completely new to me.”

(On if his skillset completely fits zone-read blocking) – “I’m still trying to get back into the specifics of that type of scheme, and I feel like I’m getting better at it every day.”

(On what he experience has been going up against Cam Wake one-on-one) – “(It’s been) humbling. He’s a special player. He’s one of the best defensive end rushers at that position. There are some good outside linebackers that play the right side in this league, but as far as defensive ends go you’d be hard pressed to find somebody better.”

(On how much injuries to the offensive line have set guys back at practice) – “Right now, it can be challenging, but later in the year it is going to benefit us extremely. I feel like we are going to have guys cross-trained at different positions that can step in. When you go to a game, you can only dress seven. Sometimes you have to have guys who can be swing guys and play different positions. It’s going to help us in the long-run.”

(On if it is frustrating knowing the defensive line has been together for a long time and had success while playing catch-up with the offensive line unit) – “No, it is not frustrating. It is exciting because they are our defensive line. I know on Sunday it will be fun to watch.”
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