Coach Joe Philbin: We’ve Got To Finish A Game Better

Posted Aug 24, 2013

Dolphins coach addresses the media after the 17-16 loss to the Buccaneers.

Opening Statement: “I think Tampa Bay clearly deserved to win the game. They made plays when they had to make plays to win the game. We didn’t play well enough at any phase of the game to win the game. The defense played well for the vast majority of the game. We had a chance to stop them inside the red zone and we couldn’t do it, so they deserve the win.”

(on the play of the tight end, running back, and right guard positions) – “I thought John Jerry [RG] did okay, but I need to take a closer look at the tape. Lamar [Miller, RB] had that one nice run. Daniel Thomas [RB] didn’t have as many opportunities, he didn’t have as many clean opportunities to run the football. … Again, I have to take a look at the tape but Dion [Sims, TE] made a nice catch down the middle and did some good things. We’ll have to see.”

(on the play of RG John Jerry) – “Going into the game we wanted to see John during practice. We felt he was healthy enough to play. We wanted to get him x amount of reps.”

(on the team’s performance in the red zone) – “It was not good enough. We had a nice drive at the end of the half and obviously had a good drive at the start of the game but we weren’t able to capitalize on anything. We weren’t as good on third downs as we were on first downs and we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

(on the play of QB Ryan Tannehill) – “I think we were okay as an offense.”

(on the turnovers in tonight’s game) – “Four in a game, that’s an issue in the game, no doubt about it. We had two on special teams and two big ones at the end of the game. We’ve got to finish a game better. You have to finish the game, I don’t care if we’re playing at home or on the road or neutral, it doesn’t matter, regular, post, we have to finish the game better.”

(on the run game) – “They [Tampa Bay Buccaneers] have a good run defense. They led the league in run defense last year and it appears have a good run defense again. They had some penetration that was the number one thing I noticed that really hurt a couple of runs, obviously the one that Daniel [Thomas, RB] had, I think we were minus five.”

(on playing QB Pat Devlin) – “We wanted to get him in there and see him against potentially some ones or twos and not just at the end of the game. So this provided us with an opportunity.”

(on the play of the defense in the first half of the game) – “They played well. I thought they played well. We got enough pressure on the quarterback. I thought that was good. We hurried some throws, got some people in his face, so to speak. I thought overall we hustled to the ball every play. We knocked the ball loose but missed a tackle or two. I thought overall they played well.”

(on the play of CB Nolan Carroll) – “He’s had a good camp and I thought his performance was solid.”

(on the play of the offense) – “We had the 17-play drive at the start of the game. I can’t sit here and tell you that the rhythm offensively was great. It didn’t feel that way on the field.”

(on the mistakes in the return game) – “He’s our guy [Marcus Thigpen, RB], he’s been our guy, we felt like putting him in there and keeping him in there to work through it, so to speak. We didn’t talk about taking him out of there until later in the game when we had planned to take him out anyways. That was our thought all along. He’s done a good job, but uncharacteristically he did not tonight.”

(on the play of C Josh Samuda) – “We wanted to get him in there [at right guard]. We had that long, long play with John [Jerry, RG] – again, we had a target number of reps we wanted to get with John. Josh had done some very good things in the preseason. Hopefully we could play Lance [Louis, RG] in the second half.”

(on the play of the running backs) – “I don’t know if they had enough carries for us to have a great sense of them. I don’t think that Daniel [Thomas, RB] had as many good opportunities and clean runs that Lamar [Miller, RB] had. I thought Lamar ran the ball well and Daniel never really got on track. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s all his fault, though.”

(on the play of WR Brandon Gibson) – “We have to catch the ball more consistently.”

(on the pass protection) – “They seem to be a little bit better in the first half. It wasn’t very good in the second half.”
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