Coach Philbin: I Believe In Our Guys

Posted Nov 7, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin meets with reporters to answer questions about the state of the Dolphins locker room as the squad prepares for the Buccaneers game.

(Opening statement) – “We had a good practice today. We’ve had four consecutive work days in preparation for our ball game against Tampa Bay on Monday night. Tomorrow the players will be off, we’ll reconvene on Saturday and continue our preparation for that game. It’s a very important game, it kicks off the second half of our season and I’d be glad to answer any question relative to our game against Tampa Bay on Monday night.”

(On if there is any way the players can solely focus on trying to win the 5th game of the season) - “I think we’ve had four excellent days of preparation and practice. We’re going to give the guys a day off and reconvene Saturday. I’m confident in our players that our players are going to play well.”

(On if it’s difficult to start two new players) - “No. You have 53 players on your roster. You activate 46 every single game. All of those guys have to be ready to contribute. You never can predict when an injury is going to occur or some other circumstance where guys are going to be thrust into action. These guys are professional and they know that if they are dressing for a game, if they’re one of those 46 guys they have to be ready to play.”

(On if he feels the reputation that the organization is getting is fair for the organization) – “Again I’m not concerned with any of that stuff. My focus is on Tampa Bay. Getting our players, to help them reach their potential individually and as a football team. That’s really all I’m concerned about, that’s all I control.”

(On how much does he feel responsible for players and what happens to them in the locker room) - “As I said on Monday, I feel a responsibility for this entire work place environment, atmosphere. As a coach your job is to help develop players, as football players, as people, as men. That’s what I’ve done for 30 years, that’s what I’ve committed to doing in this profession that I’m in. That’s what I’m going to continue to do every single day that I’m here.”

(On what he thought of his player speaking passionately and candidly yesterday) – “Those are their comments, and they should stand on their own. Everybody is accountable. One of the things that we talked about yesterday in our program, we talked about honesty, we talked about respect, we talked about accountability. If you’re going to put your name on something, those guys are accountable.”

(On what he has learned from the attention and distraction this week) - “We have a great locker room. This is a tremendous organization that I’m privileged to represent. I’ve gotten a ton of support from people within the organization, outside the organization and I’m fortunate to be in the position that I am. I love coming to work every single day. I’m going to represent this franchise the right way every single day I’m here and nothing has changed.”

(On if he’s been reading the reports or if he ignores it) - “No. Unfortunately I called my 92 year old father yesterday, and he was on the computer, so I had to tell him to get off the computer. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have enough time in the day to read all the stuff that’s out there. The simple answer to your question is no.”

(On what are his thoughts about off the record comments) - “The guys said what they said. They were asked questions and they responded. I’m going to let their comments stand on their own, just like I’m going to let my comments stand on their own.”

(On did the players ask him to be able to speak freely) - “No, it’s an open locker room. People ask questions and they responded to the questions. I wasn’t there.”

(On if their support for Richie Incognito will impact his decision to let him back to the team) - “It’s all a part of the process that is going to take place here.”

(On if the Buccaneers see an opportunity in playing the Dolphins because the team is distracted) - “I can’t speak to their preparation. I’m coaching this team, this group of men. I can’t speak to them. They have a very fine coaching staff over there, they have good players. They played very, very well last week on film in Seattle. We’re going to have to play very well. I can’t speak to Tampa Bay’s preparation in terms of how their team is going to view us.”

(On if the team is distracted from football) - “I think we’ve had four excellent days of preparation, I’m confident in our guys. If you don’t believe in your players, you have no chance and I believe in our guys.”

(On why the locker room was in support of Richie Incognito yesterday and there was not much for Jonathan Martin) - “I don’t know what the questions were. I haven’t read the accounts. I’m going to let their statements stand on their own. They were asked questions and they responded.”

(On if he was surprised by the support for Richie Incognito) - “I haven’t read the documents, the reports, I haven’t been on the internet. I’m going to let the player’s comments stand for themselves.”

(On if he can address the report that Jeff Ireland encouraged aggressive behavior by Jonathan Martin as a solution to the issue) - “As we’re all aware there is a lot of information out there. We also know that the NFL is coming down here to conduct a review. I think any comments that we would make at this time would be a disservice to the process that’s about to take place.”

(On if he can look at this as an opportunity to have the situation unify the locker room) - “I think we have a strong group of men in the locker room. I believe we had one before this occurred and I believe we’ll have one after this.”
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