Coach Philbin: I Believe In Our Organization

Posted Nov 6, 2013

Coach Philbin meets with the media to discuss the NFL review of the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito situation as well as the chemistry inside of the Dolphins locker room.

(Opening statement) – “First thing I want to say is the Miami Dolphins are not liable for any of those hamstrings that all you guys pulled on the way over here (in reference to reporters running to set up cameras). Some of you guys may want to devote some more time to your physical fitness (laughs).

As you are aware, the NFL is conducting a review. We’ve been informed that Commissioner (Roger) Goodell has named special counsel Ted Wells to head up the review. If the review reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take all necessary measures to fix it to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve said all I can at this time as it relates to the NFL review process, and I will have no further comment. My primary responsibility lies with our players and our staff. The type of culture that I’ve championed since the day I’ve walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect and accountability to one another. I consider those to be hallmarks of this program, and I believe our locker room reflects those beliefs. I believe in the men in our locker room, and I believe in our coaching staff. That’s exactly what I communicated to them today. I have full faith and confidence that we will stick together as a team, that we will focus on the task at hand which is preparing for our Monday night game against Tampa Bay. I’m sure now you want to know about the great redzone practice we had in our Tampa Bay preparation, right?”

(On if he or any of the coaches told Richie Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin) - “I think I mentioned earlier in my statement that I’ll have no further comment at this time on anything pertaining to the NFL review process.”

(On if the alleged event is now part of the investigation) - “Special counsel Ted Wells is heading up the investigation. Commissioner (Roger) Goodell has appointed him. They are in charge of this.”

(On if it is common to have coaches tell players to toughen players up who are deemed soft) – “I didn’t call anybody soft. You are the one who used the word soft.”

(On if it’s normal for coaches to tell players to toughen up other players) - “(A) coach’s responsibilities are to the players, to help players reach their potential. That’s what coaches do. They help players reach their potential, and we do that in a number of ways. The most important thing is everything we do here is based on the best interests of the players. Everything we’ve done, every teach device, every technique we use, every fundamental we have, the way we meet, the way we train, the way we have them nutrition, everything. The practice field, the design of the schedule is with their best interests in mind. When I took the job, the first communication I ever had with the football team (was) I’m going to hire people that have your best interests in mind. ”

(On if the coaching staff believed Jonathan Martin was a player that needed to be toughened up) – “Jonathan Martin came in here and worked hard every single day.”

(On if he knew about anything regarding the situation before Sunday) - “I believe in the guys in our locker room. I believe in our coaching staff. I’m very prevalent around the building. That’s all I’m going to say on it.”

(On if he is satisfied with the leadership on the team) - “I think we have men in the locker room that care about one another, that set a great example for one another. They care about each other. They communicate well. I told you, I believe in the guys in the locker room.”

(On if he visited Jonathan Martin in a hospital) - “I believe my comments on Monday were that Jonathan (Martin) and I met. And I’m going to stand by those comments.”

(On if he’s talked to Jim Turner and Mike Sherman regarding anything about the situation) - “Again, I’m going to leave that up to special counsel Ted Wells who has been appointed by Commissioner (Roger) Goodell.”

(On if he met with Jonathan Martin and his family) - “I said I met with Jonathan (Martin), yes I did. I communicated with members of his family.”

(On if he has spoken with Jonathan Martin since Monday) - “All conversations that I would have with players are private, personal and confidential.”

(On if he had met with Jonathan Martin since Monday) - “Again, if I had those meetings those would be private in nature.”

(On if he knows how long the investigation will take) - “I do not have a timeline”

(On if he feels he has anything personally to fear from the investigation) - “I have great confidence in our guys. I talked to our guys today at the team meeting. I believe in our players. I believe in our staff. I believe in our organization, the people around here. I know why I got into coaching, and I believe in the things that I’ve done.”

(On what is acceptable in racial slurs) - “Those aren’t part of my vocabulary. That’s all I’ll say on that.”

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