Coach Philbin: I Have Faith In The Guys In The Locker Room

Posted Oct 7, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin meets with reporters to answer questions about Sunday's game against the Ravens following his review of the film from the contest.

(Opening statement) – “I think the bye week is coming at a good time. We’ve played 10 football games. We have 11 left on the schedule. We’ve done some very good things, and we have a number of areas to improve upon as we move forward in the 2013 season.”

(On what were positives and concerns about yesterday’s games) - “I felt we made enough plays to hang in there and had to go to the last play of the game with an attempt to take the game into overtime. I think our guys showed some resiliency. We didn’t play well in the third quarter, but we came back in the fourth quarter, made a couple of plays, made it a competitive game. Ultimately we didn’t make enough plays to win the game, so I think, as I mentioned as a capsule of our whole season, there’s been some good things and there is obviously a lot of things to get better”

(On the decision to spike the ball during the final drive of the last series) - “We were 1st-and-10 on the Baltimore 34. We spiked it with 1:01 remaining on the clock. It was an inbound completion on 1st-and-10 with a running clock. I made the decision to do that. I thought it was the right thing to do at that particular point of time.”

(On why he thought spiking the ball was the best option at that time) – “I thought it was the right thing to do at that point in time. I knew the situation. It was an inbound completion. The clock was moving. I wanted to have a couple of clean plays that we could execute well to move the ball into scoring position.”

(On if there is any extra vigilance to upgrading the roster this week particularly at offensive line) - “I don’t know if there is any more vigilance, no. I think that’s a continual thing. We are always evaluating personnel at all points of the season.”

(On if there is a chance with the bye week that there is a change in the lineup, including Nate Garner) – “We believe in the guys that we have. We have confidence in them. We have to continue to strive at all positions. I know everyone wants to focus on one position. There’s a lot of positions on this football team that need improvement. We believe in the guys we have, and we will continue to work with them.”

(On Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball on the run successfully) - “They weren’t designed (plays). While they were excellent plays, and I agree with you 100 percent, they were very good throws and very athletic plays, excellent plays. We would prefer on those plays we wouldn’t necessarily have to do that. Certainly we have movement type plays in the offense. We had one I believe to Brian Hartline in the game. We had one the other Monday Night game that we used. We’ve used them at times. We used them at times, and we will continue to do so as we see fit.”

(On how he assesses the state of the running game right now) - “I thought Baltimore’s run defense, obviously to give them credit, they were well prepared and did a nice job run-defense wise. We felt unlike Monday night where we felt with our three wideout sets we had a lot of production in our run game in the Monday night game. They (the Ravens) kind of played it different schematically than our previous opponent did. We felt for most of the time it was more advantageous to throw the ball in that personnel grouping. Our volume and number of carries were down, and obviously our production was down as well. It’s been up-and-down is the best way (to put it). I thought we kind of hit a three-week stretch where there was some relatively good productivity. Obviously yesterday wasn’t.”

(On how much a balanced offense would help quarterback protection) - “I think it will definitely help. I think the more reasonable you are, your second down calls, those type of things. Then the other thing that was missing yesterday was we didn’t have a great play-action game because we didn’t have the run game in those 2nd-and-3s and 4s and those type of things to keep the defense on their toes and honest, those type of things. That can help. I think a good run game could help your production.”

(On spiking the ball late in yesterday’s game and if h stands by the decision to do so) - “I do. I was the one who made the call.”

(On if rolling Ryan out help the offense or put fast guys in pursuit) – “If you have a good pass concept that you like and you feel like you can complete a ball, then there’s nothing wrong with it. We have those types of plays in the offense, we’ve utilized them throughout various times in this season. There’s not one way is the only way or the right way or the wrong way, certainly you can move the quarterback, and there are completions to be had there.”

(On if he foresees any changes in his staff over the next couple of weeks) – “No.”

(On if Dion Jordan is coming along at the pace he expected) – “Yes, I think the ability that he’s had to stay on the practice field has been one of the real keys to his development. Early on it was something he wasn’t able to do and he’s been on the field a lot, he’s been getting more used to the calls defensively, how his responsibility fits into the entire scheme, the fundamentals, the techniques, all of that.”

(On what Dion Jordan and Derrick Shelby’s development means to his confidence when the teams need to fill in for injuries) – “All the 46 guys that are up have an obligation to be ready and prepared to play, and I think they’ve demonstrated that.”

(On how he thinks the team responded from their last lose during this game) – “I think our effort was good, I thought the guys competed until the end, and gave ourselves a chance, we were in the game the whole way. But we have to do better, they're a resilient group, I think they’re professional, hardworking, high character guys. We certainly have some things we have to correct, but that’s what we’re in this business to do.”

(On how he feels right now being 3-2 after a 2 game losing streak) – “I have faith in the guys that we have in the locker room. I have faith in the staff that we have, we have to identify, we can’t sweep things under the rug, we know we’re not playing perfect football. We have to do better, there’s no doubt about it. I put my faith in the guys in the locker room and the staff. If we stick together and work at it, we’ll correct the mistakes and be a better football team after the bye.”

(On if there is a concern that the accumulation of hits on Ryan Tannehill might alter his career)- “No, not at this point in time. Again, I’ll say it one more time the pass game starts with protection, you have to be able to demonstrate an ability to consistently protect the quarterback. I don’t care what level of football it is. Certainly, the more times you can keep your quarterback clean and not get hit, not get sacked, not get hurried, not get rushed, I think you’re going to be a more effective passing team. There’s probably no argument there.”

(On at what point he allows someone else to try and help the offensive line such as Nate Garner or Danny Watkins) – “Well, as I said initially, we believe in the guys that we have, we have confidence in them, we know we’ve got work to do and that we’ve got guys who need to improve fundamentally, not just at the offensive line position. I know that’s a huge focus and we do need to develop and improve there, but there are other positions on the team that we also need to improve on, and other individuals. We have to get improvement from a wide variety of players.”

(On what specifically he hopes to accomplish over the next week) – “Right now we’re making our corrections, obviously from the game from yesterday and watching the tape, going through start to finish. We’re going to get on the practice field tomorrow and primarily focus on ourselves. We spent a lot of time on self-scout, we’ve got to get our internal things right before we necessarily get overly concerned with our next opponent. This week’s more about, from a coaching stand point and a player stand point, tightening down our stuff, making sure we’re doing the right things. Maybe we should emphasize this particular scheme more than that, and that’s what the bye weeks doing and that’s what they’re there for and that’s what we’ll do.”

(On what the coach’s say to Caleb Sturgis after his first miss) – “Well I don’t know, but I saw his quote was outstanding. ‘It was a great snap, it was a great hold, the protection was great’, you have an individual who takes accountability for his performance the 5th game into the season, you’re going to have a chance to be a football player in this program. If you’re responsible and accountable and professional, which this guy is, you’re going to make adjustments and get better.”
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