Coach Philbin: I Think Our Running Game Is Going To Be Good

Posted Aug 14, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin speaks with reporters to review Wednesday's practice as the team finalizes preparations for Saturday's game in Houston. Make sure to listen for Philbin's comments on Mike Pouncey, Jonathan Martin and the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who were invited to the White House for an honorary visit next week.

(Opening Statement) – “I don’t know if you noticed today, (but) we had a lot of situational work that I thought was very, very good to teach from and learn from. We practiced (an) end-of-half situation we were faced with in Indianapolis last year where we got the ball with two minutes and 24 seconds left on our own 44-yard line. So we put our offense out there and practiced that. Conversely our defense, we had to punt in that game if you recall, they got the ball with a 1:13 left. So we practiced that scenario. We practiced some two-minute scenarios here out in the field where we needed a two-point play to send a game into overtime, which we were able to get. Then inside we did some little end of the game with 26 seconds left with the ball on the eight-yard line. We got a lot of good situational work in today.”

(On if he can elaborate on Dion Jordan’s situation) – “No, I cannot.”

(On the organization’s expectation in what Dion Jordan dealt with in February is something that will be an issue going forward) – “All players deal with different type of things at various times. We are well aware of the situation.”

(On if Dion Jordan’s situation is not a surprise) – “Things happen to players all of the time. I’m not concerned about it.”

(On if he finds he has to protect players sometime from themselves from campaigning to return to practice) – “Absolutely. At times, sure.”

(On weighing the potential explosiveness of the group during the empty-set formation against an aggressive blitz) – “It’s a little bit of a chess match, as you just mentioned. Obviously if you go empty, you are inviting the defense to pressure and bring more than you can pick up because you don’t have a back aligned in the backfield in the protection. But certainly there is the potential for explosive plays as well. It’s one of those balancing acts. I don’t think you can live and die by that package, but it’s certainly something to have and something we’ll use at various times throughout the year.”

(On if he feels as if center is the best position for Mike Pouncey and why so) – “Yes. In football you want to be strong down the middle. You want to have a guy in the middle you feel has good command of the offense in the system, two, is a good communicator and then from a fundamental aspect, a guy who has the type of quickness we like to utilize in our scheme. So I think he’s an ideal scheme fit, and then I think from a leadership, communications standpoint he does a very, very good job as well.”

(On biggest different he sees from Mike Pouncey from this year to last) – “Just a little bit of everything. He’s progressed in a lot of different areas. I think his pass protection has gotten a little better. Fundamentally it’s pretty subtle. I don’t know if it would be noticeable to many people out here, I think his pass protection from a technique standpoint. He’s more confident in his declarations in terms of his identifications of defenses, where the line should go, where the backs should go (and) those types of things.”

(On Dimitri Patterson work and what his likes most about him) – “I think he’s played well. I like his quickness. I like his athleticism. He’s very decisive out there, and he’s been competitive. I think he’s done a good job.”

(On if he has plays the team would run only in two-point situations or also on goal-line situations) – “Yes and yes. There’s some we have we would like to save and use only in a two-point critical situation where we really need it. There are plays we could both utilize in the red-zone, goal-line, 3rd-and-2, possibly 4th-and-two. You could grab one of the two-point plays and use them there.”

(On what he saw from Jonathan Martin as a rookie at right tackle where he could play on the left side) – “Very serious, he’s very professional about what he does. He comes out on the practice field everyday on the attitude of improving. He’s detailed on what he does. He picked up the system extremely fast, and he’s competitive.”

(On how Jonathan Martin is doing so far improving at left tackle) – “He’s played well in two games. He’s going against some very good guys on a daily basis, and he’s holding his own. He’s doing well.”

(On bringing back Aaron Corp) – “It’s not uncommon at this time of the year for us to make various moves we feel like are in the best interests of the team, and that’s exactly what we did with that move.”

(On how Aaron Corp looked after arriving to town earlier in the morning) – “He did pretty good.”

(On running game and if he wants to see one back every down) – “I don’t have anything preconceived. I think the more balanced these guys have and can play on multiple downs, the better it is because sitting in on our meetings with Kevin Coyle and the defensive staff, they are going to make calls based on a jersey number more than anything else. I think the more diversity we can have as an offense and the more things we can do with different people, the better we are going to be.”

(On how’s the running game been so far) – “I think it’s going to be good. I like it. I think we’ve had some good, clean runs in the game. I was a little disappointed the other night. The consistency, I thought it came on as the game developed. It wasn’t what it needed to be, especially early in the second half. It was poor.”

(On how long he expected the starters to play on Saturday night) – “I would say at least the first quarter, for the most part. Sometimes that could change based on possessions and who has the ball a lot or doesn’t. I would think it would be around there.”

(On if he expected offensive and defensive starters to play the same amount) – “Pretty much, we haven’t finalized anything.”

(On if he is using the fourth preseason game as the traditional third preseason game) – “The thought process right now is that we would play those guys a little bit longer the next week, as of right now.”

(On the procedure the team has on him challenging plays) – “We have guys upstairs who I communicate with that’s in charge of it, and I go right to him. As you know, all the offensive coaches want you to challenge that. So we have a process in place where we are either going to challenge or not.” (On who specifically tells him to challenge a play) – “I’m not going to reveal that at this point.”

(On one thing he feels he has gotten out of the additional work from an extra preseason game) – “Well we’ve been averaging 115 competitive snaps. As we tell the guys all the time, the reps, how you spend your time on the practice field, has to show up on the game field. I’m confident all of this repetition, let’s say we add four extra practices, that’s how I think it ends up. We have 460 snaps, ballpark. The experience with the younger players and the multiple looks that we are able to get to the players, different schemes and coverages, route concepts, all of those things. You’ve got to believe all of those things will pay off. And the situational work we will have to do, you would have to think that will pay off.”

(On how special it is to see the 1972 Dolphins get honored at The White House next week) – “I was fortunate last December during that weekend celebration to go to the banquet. I believe it was on a Friday night if I’m not mistaken. When you meet those guys, it’s a class group of men. The thing that struck me about them is they are very, very humble. They’ve done something nobody has ever done, yet they are very humble about it. They love this organization. They are proud of their association with the Dolphins. It’s well deserved, and I hope they have a great day there.”

(On if he remembers watching the 1972 Dolphins play) – “Absolutely, no question about it.”

(On what he remembers watching about the 1972 Dolphins) – “They played football the right way. I’m not going to reveal my age (laughing), but you know after meeting them it just reaffirms everything you think. They played football. They were sound. They didn’t turn the ball over. They weren’t a very penalized football team. They played physically. They played the game the right way, and it showed.”

(On how much has to break right for a perfect season) – “The consistency factor is something to really marvel at, what they did.”
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