Coach Philbin: I Thought We Had Another Good Practice Today

Posted Aug 12, 2013

Ccoach Joe Philbin talks with reporters to respond to questions on Ryan Tannehill, Dustin Keller and other members of the Dolphins offense. Don't miss Philbin share his praise and observations for third-year running back Daniel Thomas.

(Opening Statement) – “I thought we had another good practice today. We had an opportunity to grow off of the fundamental practice we had yesterday. We spent some time, more time backed up from an offensive perspective than we have all training camp. A lot of snaps inside the 10-yard line. On the other side of the field, we did a lot of red-zone snaps and goal-line snaps. I thought it was a good situational practice.”

(On what position he feels has the greatest depth on the team) – “I’m not really thinking about that at this point in time. Right now, again, we are here teaching. We are looking for competition at all the spots. That’s not really my focus at this point.”

(On John Denney at long-snapper) –“He’s a (constant) professional. The guy is a hard worker. He’s very good at his job, but he’s not complacent. He continues to work, continues to improve. He takes care of himself on and off the field. He’s doing a really nice job.”

(On his reaction when he sees his defense force turnovers on the goal-line in practice) – “The initial reaction is from an offensive standpoint we have to do a better job in the scoring zone, taking advantage of that and at least getting a field goal if we don’t get a touchdown. Certainly a giveaway in the red zone is critical. But conversely on defense, it’s fantastic. You are going to give up what’s likely a minimum of three points, and now you get the ball back to your offense without any points on the board. As a Head Coach, I get to play both sides.”

(On what he likes about the offense so far) – “I like the way the guys are working. I like the understanding of the system. We don’t have a lot of mental errors and mental mistakes. I think conceptually they have a good handle on what the job requirements are at their position. I think the work ethic has been good. The leadership has been good. We clearly have to execute better.”

(On wanting to see more consistency from Daniel Thomas) – “I like what he is doing this camp. I’m very happy with the way he is practicing. I like what he is doing. I was watching him just today in special (teams). He’s going about his business in a very professional manner. He’s working up special teams. I see him very, very serious about that. He’s running the ball hard when he’s had opportunities in the game. He’s been doing a good job in pass protection. I like the camp that he’s having.”

(On Will Yeatman’s development as an offensive lineman) – “I told Will I thought his performance in the game the other night was the best I’ve seen. He’s improving. He needs to see if he can build off of that in his next opportunity.”

(On Brandon Gibson’s impact so far) – “He’s smart. He’s instinctive. He understands coverages. He understands leverage of the defense very, very well. He catches the ball with his hands. He’s a smart player. I like him.”

(On if the tape showed Dannell Ellerbe having an outstanding first quarter against Jacksonville) – “Yes, he played well. The first play of the game, (he) was very, very involved, the screen on 3rd-and-11 or 12 when he made the play. He gets everybody lined up. He played well the other night.”

(On development and growth he expects to see from younger second-year players such as Will Yeatman and Rishard Matthews) – “You definitely want to see him continue to climb and develop. We’ve seen it in the practice, on the practice field. Like I said, I told Will, I saw him in the hallway yesterday. I told him that’s the best I’ve (seen of him). You looked like a football player on Friday night in Jacksonville. Now you have to continue to grow and develop and continue to do that. Rishard, players like that, Lamar Miller is in that category. They all are in that category, those young guys that have not played a lot are all in that category. You are looking to them to continue to grow both from a learning standpoint. The better they know the system and their job, the faster they should be able to play, which should lead to better performance.”

(On how much second-year players improvement is on the players themselves or the coaching staff) – “It’s all together. It’s not two mutually-exclusive events. You’ve got to have a willing participant, just like in the classrooms. If the student doesn’t want to learn, it’s hard. But you have good people who want to be great football players, and you should see results.

(On Ryan Tannehill’s improvement) – "He redirected the blocking schemes correctly on the first play of both games. It’s not like he was out there and, ‘Oh my gosh, what is happening.’ He saw exactly what was happening, communicated it to the offensive unit what needed to be done. Again, he is ready to play. He knows what he was doing. Those were good things. ”

(On how far behind Jamar Taylor is behind and how to get him caught up) – “You try to get him as many reps as you possibly can. You can’t replace, what happened has happened, so repetitions are gone never to return. We just take it one day at a time, see him progress (and) get him exposed. The good news is he’s been in the classroom, so he has a sense of the scheme. This (practice field) is a better teacher this being the practice field than the classroom. Classroom is good. It’s important. It’s great, but this is better. We’ve got a plan to increase his workload and see how he does.”

(Inaudible question) – “I think so. I think so, absolutely.”

(On the flashy matter of the way Mike Wallace plays and if he can become a popular guy in South Florida) – “(Laughs) I hope he is a very productive football player. I hope he does a great job on and off the field and makes a difference in the Miami community and on the football field for the Dolphins. His popularity, I really have no interest in, and I’m not concerned about it.”

(On the addition of Dustin Keller will open up more space for Mike Wallace) – “Potentially. The more weapons you have at your disposal, hopefully the better balance you present to the defense where they now have more things to be concerned about, and that could potentially open up opportunity for other players, absolutely.”

(On assessing where Richie Incognito is at this point of his career) – “He’s one of the hardest working guys we have out here. I can’t say this verbatim for total fact, but I don’t think he’s missed a practice since I’ve been here. Part of being a pro football player is being available, being out there every single day with your teammates practicing and giving a great effort. I have absolutely no issues with that. He’s been there every day. He answers the bell. He gives excellent effort. He plays hard. That I have no problems with.”

(On Will Yeatman, if he still sees him somewhat as a tight end and what his ceiling is as an offensive lineman) – “Again, it’s hard to say exactly what his ceiling is. He’s grasping the technique of the position very well. It’s a repetition thing. The more he works at it, the more comfortable he appears. The biggest thing we saw last night was he played fast. He played decisive, so we are looking for him to continue to do that throughout the preseason.”
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