Coach Philbin: I Would Anticipate You Would See Tannehill

Posted Aug 2, 2013

or not Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline will play in the contest.

(Opening Statement) – “We had an opportunity today to do some scheme specific things in regards to the Dallas Cowboys on our game on Sunday evening. I think I speak on behalf of our entire organization, our players, we’re excited about this opportunity on Sunday night in participating in the 50th anniversary of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

(On if there is something special about participating in the 50th hall of fame game)– “Yes I think it is. I haven’t been to the Hall of Fame in about 10 years. That was the first game that I was fortunate enough when I came into the National Football League as an assistant…it was the first game I ever participated in. It’s a special feeling, the stadium may be not be as big as most stadiums that we’ll play in, but it’s kind of got that little nice feel to it. Canton, Ohio great football tradition in that area, so I think our guys are excited.”

(On if the players are going to have a chance to tour the Hall of Fame) –“Yea, we’re going to go there, we’re going to arrive in Canton, and we’re going to go through the Hall of Fame and get a tour of that. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve heard they’ve done some things since I’ve last been there so it’ll be good for them.”

(On what are some key things he wants to see from the first preseason game) – “Play speed is really the thing that we’ve been talking to our guys about. This game is not really going to be about X’s and O’s, although we have a good sound plan in, I’m sure our opponent has a good sound plan as well, but its more going to be about our guys playing football the right way. The things that we’ve been practicing every single day have to show up on tape. We tell the team all the time, if we devote “x” amount of time to ball security, or to takeaways, or to block protection, we want to see that stuff on the film, in the games.”

(On pros and cons on 5th preseason game, Hall of Fame game versus going against another team for a few days) – “I haven’t been a part of that other thing, I’ve been a part of the Hall of Fame game once, I’ve been a part of practicing against another opponent once before. I think they’re good, I’ve never been involved a lot with practicing against someone else, I mean there are some good things, you get to look at their personnel, they get to look at your personnel. I think it’s a personal choice, I like the decisions we’ve made to get our guys getting on the road, get involved in another game, see some of our young players ,and get our coaches to really step back even more than we could do in a Monday night scrimmage.”

(On if he’s looking at the 3rd preseason game as a dress rehearsal) – “Well third or fourth, this year. The first two weeks here until yesterday was all about getting our system of play taught in all our phases, offense, defense, special teams. Now, we had a chance today to look at our opponent, and now the next phase of training camp is going to get a little more game related. The sooner you can do that…takes a little bit of time to move from the teaching install phase, to a full devoted week of preparation of playing in a ball game. Usually that happens in a 4 game preseason roughly around the 3rd week, and in a 5 week, roughly around the 4th week. Plus you want to give your players a sense for what’s it going to be like in the regular season, and how we’re going to operate.”

(On what type of growth he’s seen from Daniel Thomas) – “He’s having a consistent camp that’s one of the objectives we set out in front of him, we want to see consistency. I think he stepped up and has been aggressive in pass protection, he hasn’t been sitting back and being as tentative I think at times as he was last year, and he had the one fumble early on in the padded segment of practice, other than that I think his ball security has been good. He had a nice run out there today. I think he’s protecting the ball better, and now, he’s had a very good camp, and now he has to carry that over to the games.”

(On what Jonathan Martin has done well, and what he needs to improve on during training camp) – “You guys were here yesterday, OV (Olivier Vernon) got him a couple times yesterday. Once outside, once inside on a run action pass. I think he’s done a good job in drop back I think his sets have been good. The thing an offensive lineman consistently has to work on is the timing of the punch, kind of like a boxer it’s more like a jab. That consistency in the punch is one that we need him to continue to work on.”

(On if he’s decided how much he will play Ryan (Tannehill) and other starters) – “No, we are going to evaluate the practice tape, and then we’re going to make a decision in regards to playtime tomorrow as to who’s going to be getting the majority of the snaps. We’ll have a guideline for “x” amount of snaps and we’ll see how that goes.”

(On if it’s healthy for him (Tannehill) working with all of the different receivers) – “Absolutely, again until today we’ve been teaching, pass concepts. Here’s the things we like out of 3 by 1, here’s what we like out of 2 by 2, here is what we like out of empty. We get it on tape, we take a look at it against a variety of coverages, we don’t script it…we’ve seen stuff against 2 deep, against 1 high man, against a variety of pressures. That’s the phase that we’re in, as we get closer to additional games, this one comes at a time where you’ve got your installation just finished, and you’ve got one opportunity to scheme it up in terms of the way we do things.”

(On what time did you finish the install phase last year) – “About the same time, right prior to that first game.”

(On if the public will see Ryan (Tannehill) for sure play on Sunday) – “I would anticipate you would see him, absolutely.”

(On if Mike Wallace will play Sunday) – “We’ll see, I’m not sure.”

(On the comparison between Jared Odrick and Randy Starks as pass rushers) – “They’re both good athletes, they both have a little bit different style. Randy has very good power, he holds the point very well and he’s got good pass rush ability. JO’s (Jared Odrick) a little bit quicker, a little bit different style of a player inside, maybe a little bit quicker on the move in terms of penetrating a gap and those type of things, but very similar players.”

(On if Brian Hartline will play this Sunday) – “We’ll see.”

(On what his level of knowledge of Richie Incognito’s reputation when he first arrived) – “It was very limited, I hadn’t been around him, obviously, and I was in a different conference than he was in, so I didn’t see him on tape a whole lot.”

(On what his knowledge of his reputation now that he’s worked with him) - “I like what he’s done, he’s one of the hardest workers we have on the practice field. I think he’s bought into the things we’re trying to do both as a program and from a scheme standpoint and he gives 100% effort out there all of the time.”

(On the addition of Brent Grimes, and what he will bring to the secondary) – “Well, we are hoping he plays sound, consistent, smart, tough football. Obviously, we’d love for him to get his hands on the football a couple times, and take the ball away from the opposition, want him to tackle well, want him to play good sound coverage, whether we’re in man to man or zone. We want him just to pay good overall sound football.”

(On what did he think about todays practice, as it seemed sloppy) – “A lot of dropped passes and some sloppiness in the kickoff return (laughing). You saw the same things I did. Sometimes what happens, when you go to the first day, now we didn’t do a lot of carded work, but when you start working on an opponent, you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing. There’s a little bit of hesitation there, so it’s not uncommon that this occurs, but I saw the same things you did.”

(On how curious he is to see what Olivier Vernon can do to other left tackles) – “I’m very anxious to see it. I like what he’s done during this training camp, and I want to see him continually get better. Young player who made a nice contribution last year and you want to see that gradual improvement form year one to year two.”

(On defensive back ball skills when the balls in the air, if it can be learned) – “It’s something you drill constantly. I think you see our guys do back pedal drills and then they’re always see a ball. They’re doing coverage recognition drills, or half line today we did against the offense we wanted them to get their hands on the football. Certainly there’s some instinct to it, much like a running back who can sometimes has that natural running ability. I think there’s some sense of timing in knocking down a ball and catching a ball, but those are all skills that can be worked on and developed as well.”

(On if he considers Richie a leader on this team, and what type of leader) – “He’s been leading by example, again I think the best form of leadership for us in this program is example. Part of that is in the classroom, part of it’s in the weight room, part of it’s on the practice field, and then transferring it to the game field. He’s done a very good job.”
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