Coach Philbin: It Was Good To Get Back On The Practice Field

Posted Oct 14, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin answers questions from reporters following the team's first practice since returning from the bye week, including subjects such as Dion Jordan, the Bills QB situation and the overall play of the defense through five games.

(Opening statement) – “It was good to get back on the practice field and begin our preparation to play our first division game of the year against a good Buffalo team.”

(On the rest from the bye week helping Dimitri Patterson and Cam Wake) - “Yeah, it’s good to get them back on the practice field and get them working. We’ll see how the week unfolds”

(On if he plans to make any performance-based changes in the starting lineup) - “We haven’t decided the playtime. We do that at the end of the week. We have to see how practice unfolds just like we do every week.”

(On how he thinks the offensive line has gotten better) – “We met with them. We went over the game. We had one opportunity to practice on Tuesday. We worked on and spent a lot of time on fundamentals. We spent some time on a couple situational, specifically two-minute. We spent a lot of time there. I think they needed some time to get away, and it looked like we had a good attitude and good effort on the practice field for our first day for Buffalo.”

(On how does he work in a guy he would like to see on the practice unit coming off a bye week) - “Our coaches do a great job, and we don’t give a starter every single rep anyway. Jimmy Turner, all of our coaches, Dan Campbell, Zac Taylor, all of those guys on offense and defense do a good job getting our guys a look and getting guys ready to play. The other part of it is, when you are holding up the cards and you are looking at the cards of the opposition, there is a lot of carryover in terms of plays within the league. A lot of teams run similar concepts. It’s usually not a big deal.”

(On what needs to get better defensively) – “Number one is, we’ve given up too many explosive plays. That’s something we need to address. We need to do a better job at. I would like to get people in a little longer-yard situations so we can kind of tee up on them, get our pass rush going, our blitz package or drop eight, a variety of all those things. But we have to do a better job of limiting explosive plays, no doubt. ”

(On biggest difference in the run game from last season) - “Part of it I believe at this point in time last year, you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but we are at 4.0 (yards) per carry or 4.1 at the most. Now I think we are at 3.7 (yards per carry). Part of it is volume. Part of it is we haven’t called as many runs. There’s no question about that. Part of it is a little bit of consistency. We haven’t broken as many big, big plays. Certainly that’s going to be a focus as we are moving forward.”

(On if he is happy with the play of the running backs) - “I think they’ve done an excellent job protecting the football. I don’t believe they’ve put the ball on the ground, so that’s a great starting point. But we are looking for more, no doubt.”

(On how much of yesterday’s games he watched) - “We all came to work at noon time. We all reported back and began our preparation for Buffalo. Our video guys do a great job. I think that that game was available to us about 7:30 (p.m.), so we started obviously watching their most recent game. We had cutups before. I personally didn’t sit down and watch a lot of TV games, but we had a good day at work so we could get ready for today’s practice.”

(On if it is an advantage for a team with a starting quarterback with minimal game film or more for the opposing defense) - “I don’t know if anyone really has a specific advantage. I thought their quarterback played very well yesterday. They did a good job preparing him. They put him in good situations. He played well. He threw the ball well. We have to be ready for multiple combination of guys, which we will.”

(On if it worked to the Dolphins advantage when opposing teams didn’t have much game film on Ryan Tannehill last season) – “I don’t know if it is a huge advantage. Once the ball gets lined up and you start playing football, it’s football.”

(On Dion Jordan’s performance so far and how much more he is looking for him to bring to the defense) – “He’s making progress, there’s no question about it. I think he is getting more familiar with his job responsibility, how he fits into the defensive scheme. I think he’s starting to make some more plays. He’s had some impactful plays, and we are looking for him to continue to do that.”

(On if he noticed the New England Patriots result) – “We’ve been more focused obviously on Buffalo. Obviously they played a very good football game yesterday. That’s really where we were as a staff as we got back together.”

(On if Brandon Fields is kicking the ball any better this season)– “He’s kicking the ball very well. I think the last game he had an excellent game. As we’ve said many times he approaches his job very seriously, very detailed in everything he does. He’s having a good year.”
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