Coach Philbin: It's Good To Get Back On The Practice Field

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin answers questions from reporters about various aspects of the team's roster following the Dolphins' first full practice since their preseason opener against the Cowboys. Watch for Philbin's praise for Chad Bumphis as well as his response when asked about the areas of the team that he's concerned about at this point in training camp.

(Opening Statement) – “I just want to say a couple of words as we start off. We are delighted that Reshad Jones is going to be in a Miami uniform for the foreseeable future. He’s an individual who has played well for us on the field, and we anticipate him to continue that trend and also represent the organization the right way off the field as well. I’m happy for him and us as well. It’s good to get back on the practice field. There is a lot of things from the game-tape we have work on and improve. We got a start on that today, and obviously there were some good things on the field and some not so good things. We have got to continually strive to take better care of the football. That wasn’t accomplished today. As you can tell, we had some giveaways there, which is good for our defense, (but) not so much for our offense. I thought we had a lot of good work. We played a long-situation there where we were down by 10 points, flipped-sides and got a lot of good situational work in.”

(On what his main concern is right now)– “Everything, our entire football team. I told the guys, this is training camp, we are still in training camp. We have a ton of stuff to work on, center-quarterback exchange. We go to the game, and we have the ball on the ground from a quarterback-running back exchange. There is nothing we don’t need work on that’s not uncommon this time of year. I’m not panicked about it, but I’m concerned about every single thing on the football team.”

(On level of concern with four interceptions thrown in practice) –“Yeah, I think what happened, what typically happens in football is there is a little bit of everything out there. There is some ball location, there were some route adjustments that weren’t exactly the way we would like to do it. There were some protection issues, which forced the ball out quicker than it should have been. That’s usually what happens in a game when you have a multiple giveaway type of game for a quarterback.”

(On if there is a concern if Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore are throwing too much at practice) – “No, we changed up our practice plan. We thought about that, we gave that some consideration. As you noticed, during pass ‘skelly’ you typically would have had two groups going (at) once on a day like today. So we altered the practice schedule a little. We altered the reps, so I’m not concerned about that.”

(On if it’s fair to judge the offense with Mike Wallace not out there yet) – “It’s absolutely fair. We played a football game, and when you are going to play a game during the season with the guys out there dressed in helmets and shoulder pads. It’s absolutely fair to evaluate the offense.”

(On the rookies standing out to him on Sunday from the offensive or defensive lines) – “There were some good things. I was a little disappointed in our offensive line and defensive line play. We don’t play defense here and average five yards a rush for an opponent. That’s not good run defense. Was there some good flashes of play, sure there were some good flashes. The same thing on offense, we don’t want to take the sacks that we did, and we want to be more consistent running the football. There were some signs, but we have a lot of work to do.”

(On when he expects to see Mike Wallace) – “We shall see. When he’s ready, we’ll see.”

(On the roles of the team’s fourth and fifth wide receivers) – “It depends what exactly what their skillsets are, (receivers) four and five. Some guys are inside guys. Some guys have to special teams guys. Some guys might be speed guys on the outside, maybe big guys attacking the middle of the field. Ultimately it depends on who those individuals are, and it’s up for us to utilize them properly.”

(On if he is open to whatever the best player is at the fourth and fifth wide receiver spots) – “Absolutely, yes sir.”

(On how valuable the fifth exhibition game is) – “I think it’s good. We wanted to do this. We thought about it. We gave it consideration, the plusses and minuses. We think the plusses outweighed the minuses. We obviously need work. We have a lot of things we need to get better on.”

(On Chad Bumphis) – “Again, I don’t want to oversimplify the game of football, but you guys have been to practice. Last week, I think I mentioned to him at the end of practice, to the football team, ‘Look, I haven’t studied the film, but (Bumphis) is catching a lot of passes.’ And you go to the game, and (Bumphis) does some good things. (Keenan Davis) caught a lot of passes during practice for being here a short time. Funny thing, you go to the game and he’s catching passes. Yeah, Chad (Bumphis) is a good football player. He’s doing a good job.”

(On what he’s seen from Derrick Shelby) – “Derrick is a very sound football player. He is going to do it exactly the way Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job.”

(On how Will Davis did in the game) – “He did some good things. It was an education, there is no question about it. For a player like that, I think the fifth game is going to be very, very valuable for a player like that. He did some good things in coverage. He needs to tackle better. I talked to him today about it. Our coaches talked to him about it. We have to tackle better in general. Football is still blocking and tackling. We have to a better job tackling.”

(On Lance Louis practicing again and if he is ready for contact) – “We’ll see. We’ll have to evaluate the tape and take a look at how he’s progressing. We’ll see how he goes from there.”

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