Coach Philbin: It's Not A Good Formula For Us

Posted Oct 1, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin answers questions from the media following the Dolphins' 38-17 loss over the New Orleans Saints.

“I want to congratulate the Saints, Coach Payton, his staff and players. They clearly deserved to win the game. They played better than we did, without a doubt. They certainly deserved to win. Congratulations to them.”

(on turnovers) “They were huge. I thought that roughly at the two-minute mark in the first half, I believe we were down 14-10 and we had possession of the ball. We were moving. We had some success in the first half (of previous games) with two-minute drills. While we hadn’t played great up to that point in time, we were right in the ballgame and hanging around with opportunity. It was a big giveaway (to turn the ball over before the half). That is not a good formula. Most of the game we were minus two. I believe we ended up minus three. It’s not a good formula for us.”

(on the mismatches that the Saints offense presented) “We tried a variety of different coverages. We tried zone. We tried man. We tried some pressures. (Darren) Sproles is very good. We knew he was a good player going into the game. We tried different combinations. He was very, very effective, no question.”

(on allowing 18 sacks already this year) “It’s a big concern. The thing that happened is we got down by 25 points. I believe in the first half, they really hadn’t hit Ryan (Tannehill) at all. We had a very good running game. We were protecting the quarterback. We were throwing the ball relatively well. We had good balance. We got down 35-10, and I think that is when the onslaught began. Eighteen sacks, that’s four and a half a game. That is too many.”

(on Drew Brees) “He played excellent. He had very good command. He threw the ball accurately. He made good decisions.”
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