Coach Philbin: Our Guys Were Excited To Practice In Pads

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin meets with reporters following the team's first 2013 training camp practice in full pads. Make sure to watch for Philbin's comments on Dion Jordan as the rookie was able to participate in on-field drills for the first time since being drafted by the Dolphins in April.

(Opening Statement) –“I told the team when we came up I thought for our first day in pads we had a very productive practice. Obviously, one of the main principles we have is stopping the run as a defense. We had a good team run period. I was glad to see we had some takeaways on defense. We also introduced third down, which is a big, big emphasis for us. It was in the offseason and will be this year. All in all, we had an on-time practice. I thought our guys’ tempo was good. When they put the pads on for the first time, usually there is a little bit of an adjustment phase. I thought overall our guys handled it pretty well.”

(On early expectations he has for Dion Jordan) –“We are teaching him the system and getting him acclimated to the scheme, stance (and) fundamentals. Right now, we are getting him situated on concepts and schemes, the teaching of that, and then the fundamentals. As we go, we’ll see how that goes.”

(On if he was surprised how quickly Dion Jordan returned to practice) –“Not necessarily.”

(On if it was the plan for Dion Jordan to come off the NIF list because he needed some final medical clearance) –“He’s treated like every other player. We wouldn’t put anybody out there who wasn’t physically capable of doing the things we are going to ask him to do on the practice field, just like any of the other 90 guys on the football team.”

(On keeping pressure off a high draft pick such as Dion Jordan) – “This program is not about one player, one position. When you get on the football field, the great thing is everybody is equal out there. It doesn’t matter how you got here. You are here, you are one of 90 guys, you are competing for a job and you’ve got to earn your keep your keep, every single day.”

(On how much catching up Dion Jordan has to do) – “He’s been here. When we start, we start back at square one. We start with install number one. We go to install number two. Today was install number three. He’s been there for all of that. He’s sat in the classroom. He’s been out there and watched all the practice film and heard the corrections. Obviously, there’s got to be a point in time where he’s got to go out there and feel it for himself, do it for himself, make a couple of mistakes, learn from them and move forward as a player.”

(On as a coach if he looks forward to seeing his players practice in pads) – “Absolutely and our guys were excited about it and looked forward to it. It’s good to have that little gradually break-in those two days of camp. I thought our guys were ready to have some contact work. We stay inside, as you guys know, for about 45 minutes and some of the parts of practice that don’t really need to be padded up. Then we put them on and get to work.”

(On if he would wrap up contact in pads as training camp progresses) – “We have to get ready for the scrimmage. Today we had some. Tomorrow will be a little bit longer of practice. Today was a little bit longer than yesterday. We kind of have a progression in terms of the time on the field. We do have to get a couple, a couple live situations here before we get over to the stadium on Monday night.”

(On what development he has seen from Olivier Vernon from his first to second season) – “I was down a lot on the one-on-ones. I’ve been going to the pass skelly and getting bored over there, so I went to some of the one-on-ones today. He really has good get-off on the football. He’s getting off on the snap counter very, very well. He’s got good leverage, and he’s displayed that on a consistent basis. I was down on the one-on-one pass rush, and he hit a nice spin move. He’s doing some good things. He really is. I’m really pleased at what he’s doing.”

(On blitzing from Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe during practice and if that is what he had in mind) – “They are slippery guys. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. They’ve got good movement skill. And the other part about blitzing is timing, I think. They have some of that anticipation as to when the snap count might be. They have a little head-and-shoulder and up-and-under, so it’s good for us to have it there. Conversely, you don’t like to see either one running free in the A-gap (on offense).”

(On how much time Ryan Tannehill needs to become familiar with the new players on offense) – “It takes time, but our guys came to work April 15, and they left June 13. We had some good sessions in OTAs in phase two, got on the field, spacing of the routes and the concept of the routes. I think our receivers have that down relatively well. The big thing is being able to now get the reps in a competitive situation against the different coverages. We may know how to run a particular route, but maybe we’ve only seen it against two-deep, not against blitz (and) not against man, those type of things. It does take a little time. That’s what the great value and one of the reasons to, (and) today we didn’t do it as much, we kind of stayed together a little bit more, but get the reps and see it against different coverages.”

(On what he has seen from Tyson Clabo and what Clabo brings to the offensives line) – “He’s experienced. He’s very efficient as a player. I think he’s played enough football that he knows what works for him and what doesn’t work, so he seems to be very consistent and very efficient.”

(On when Dion Jordan will go with full contact at practice) – “We will have to see. We will have to watch the tape, and it’s going to be a gradual process. We’ll have to see how he responds, see how he feels tomorrow and take it from there. We are never going to rush a guy if we don’t feel he’s ready. We’ll take our time.”

(On if Dion Jordan campaigned to practice today) – “Oh sure. Again, all football players tell you they’re great and ready to go.”

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