Coach Philbin: Our Team Is Focused On Cincinnati

Posted Oct 28, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin answers questions from reporters about the state of the team following Sunday's game against the Patriots. Watch as Philbin discusses Mike Wallace, the running game and a variety of other topics.

(On the franchise’s position on the Mike Pouncey situation) – “We are obviously aware of the reports regarding Mike (Pouncey). Consistent with my responses to non-football related matters, I have nothing further to say.”

(On if the Mike Pouncey situation could be a distraction) - “Our team is focused on Cincinnati. We just had our meetings. They are in meetings now installing our game-plan. We are focused on the Bengals.”

(On concern of morale during a four-game losing streak) – “If you don’t have a strong locker room I think, if you don’t have good character individuals in the locker room, I think it could be a concern. I have a lot of faith in our guys. I believe in them. I think we’ll get this thing right and fixed. We have to do it quickly. This is a good team coming in here on Thursday night.”

(On what it says about the franchise when a player is subpoenaed after the game) - “Again, I’m going to say we are focused on the Cincinnati Bengals. Any comment I’m going to make on Mike Pouncey I’ve already made on that situation.”

(On how much he can look at the first half of the New England game and use that moving forward for the Cincinnati game) - “Can we multiply it and do it both (halves)? I thought our guys played hard and were ready to play physically and mentally. (We) made some plays in the first half. We came out in the second half, got a three-and-out, moved the ball in position, took a tough sack that made the kick more difficult, missed a kick and we did not play well from basically there on out. There were some good things. I think it’s third-and-20 something and we convert. We are still in position, in my mind, to make it a one possession game with three minutes to go. We had two timeouts and the two-minute warning. We don’t execute a field goal. Credit to our opponent, they played well.”

(On how concerned he is about depth at the wide receiver position) - “I like the guys that we have, and we’ll see what unfolds here in the near future.”

(On if he has talked to Mike Pouncey about his situation) - “I think you know what my reply is going to be. Any discussion I may or may not have had would have been of a personal nature.”

(On if Mike Wallace’s skill as a deep-threat wide receiver is being utilized and if not what could change) - “I like what Mike (Wallace) has done. I like the contributions he’s made for the football team. I know to get the ball thrown with distance down the field requires a lot of things. It requires precision both by the route-runner and the quarterback. It requires a certain amount of time to get the ball down the field. Given when you add all of those things up, I would love to have more lengthy touchdown passes. I’m confident we’ll get more big plays out of him as the year unfolds.”

(On the confidence he has that Mike Wallace will improve) - “I think things take time. We are seven weeks into the season. We have nine games left. I’m confident we’ll keep working at it and improve at it.”

(On what the potential loss of Brandon Gibson) - “There will be some additional injury information coming out later today. So (inaudible) going to speak to it until that comes out. I’m not going to say anything specific.”

(On how Brandon Gibson had been playing this season) - “Brandon (Gibson) is a good football player.”

(On using five roster spots for wide receivers) - “I wouldn’t rule anything out. It’s possible. It’s certainly possible. The goal is to get 46 guys ready to play that can help contribute to a win. Whatever combination of that thereof, we’ll look at any combination.”

(On if he expects Mike Pouncey to miss any playing time) - “Again, I’m going to go back. I’ve spoken enough. I’ve said anything I’m going to say about a non-football related matter.”

(On the reason why there are lots of people for his press conference) - “I can’t tell you. I’ve been working on the game watching, getting our team ready to play.”

(On being a leader of the team and it appearing he is not supporting his player when he doesn’t say anything about it) - “I respect your question, but I’m not sure you are in a position to tell me what my role is on this football team.”

(On Nolan Carroll role now that Dimitri Patterson has returned) - “He’s made a great contribution to the football team. He’s a competitive guy. He’s played some good football for us. He’s one of our defensive backs I’m sure will see action in upcoming games.”

(On reason for running the ball less in the second half against New England) - “I don’t know if we went totally away from the run, number one. We had some other things in the plan we felt were good that we wanted to get to that we wanted to use that we had some effectiveness utilizing earlier in the game and early in the second half as well.”

(On run defense in the team’s losses falling off in the second half) - “Basic fundamentals. At times there’s been a couple of occasions where our gap integrity, if you will, hasn’t been what it needs to be. There’s been a missed tackle or two here-and-there that adds to a long run. Those have been the two main culprits.”

(On any thoughts about the defense wearing out in the third or fourth quarters) - “I would hope not yesterday. Again, I don’t have the stat sheet in front of me, but I know we ran a bunch more plays than they did yesterday. I don’t think that was the case yesterday.”

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