Coach Philbin Postgame Press Conference And Transcript

Posted Oct 7, 2012

Coach Philbin meets with the press following the win over the Bengals.

“It was a great team win today. All three components (offense, defense and special teams) contributed to the victory. This is a very good Cincinnati team — a well coached team — and obviously a hot team coming off three wins in a row. I’m really proud of how our guys hung together and played tough. We talked all week long about how we needed to display some resiliency. Today was a fitting end to the way the last couple games have ended for us.”

You talked all week long about closing out teams. Do you think your football team was able to do that?

“Yeah, we had a very good week of preparation. They were tired at the beginning of the week because of the west coast trip, but these guys hung tough. They wanted to win.”

At the beginning of the game you turned the ball over twice. Was that almost a “here we go again” moment?

“Not really, not with these guys. We won the turnover margin today. We told the guys in the team meeting Tuesday there are some great things about what we’re doing, and there are some things we’ve got to fix. The first thing on the slide was the giveaway/takeaway margin. We won that one today and won the game.”

Can you discuss the growth you are seeing in Ryan Tannehill?

“There were some big plays. Protection overall was good. We got off to a rocky start with the sack on the first third down, but he managed the game well and made good decisions.”

Can you talk specifically about what you meant when you said it was a fitting end?

“If you look at the game against the Jets — I said let’s play a 60 minute game, it went into overtime. We talked about finishing games the next week, and obviously we know the outcome. We told the guys we’re not sure the outcome of this game — none of us have a crystal ball — but we’ve got to keep playing.

“We told the guys last night at the meeting this game isn’t going to come down to scheme or calls — it’s going to come down to the team that has the most desire and believes they’re going to win. That’s probably what’s so satisfying about this win.”

How important was the input of Kevin Coyle in the game plan?

“I’m very pleased. It was a team win. Kevin (Coyle) and his staff did an excellent job with the game plan.”

How big were those first two possessions in the second half?

“It’s felt better than the past couple of times. We came out of the gate with a lead. It was good to see our guys play and respond with the lead.”

Did you get an explanation on that punt replay?

“I guess they said you couldn’t really tell whether his foot was on the line or not. I really don’t know.”

It’s the second week in a row that Sean Smith has done a pretty commendable job against a top receiver ...

“Again, it was good team defense. I think we only had two penalties for 10 yards. We talked last night about being disciplined. It appears he (Sean Smith) had a good game.”

Can this be a building block?

“Hopefully we can teach off it and the guys can learn from it. Certainly that would be the best-case scenario.”

Dan Carpenter has missed four times now in three games. Do you start to look at those long attempts a little differently and think whether you should do it or not?

“We had the wind in our favor and, at the time, we thought that was a good decision. We’ll have to evaluate it like we do every week.”

Randy Starks with a huge game changing play ...

“Yeah, it was a really big play. We told him we needed more, and it was great to see.”

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