Coach Philbin Press Conference And Transcript

Posted Oct 29, 2012

Watch Coach Phlbin's "Day After" Press Conference following the win over the Jets.

(On if there was a backup plan flying home after the game yesterday due to the weather) – “Not that I’m aware of. I’m sure there may have been one.”

(On Matt Moore’s performance yesterday) – “I’m happy for him. The guy’s a professional and football’s very important to him. He’s extremely well respected by the staff and the players in the locker room. I’m not surprised that he played well. I think it’s a credit to him and (assistant quarterbacks coach) Zac (Taylor) and (offensive coordinator) Mike (Sherman) to have him ready to go.”

(On what percentage of reps Matt Moore had received in practice and it was between 10-20 percent) – “Not much. Not 20, I wouldn’t think. I would say 10 at the max.”

(On if the team had to make any adjustments with Matt Moore being in the game) – “Not really. Not really, no. We’re fortunate in that regard. You go into a game and you build your plan off of obviously your players and what you’re going to see from the opposition and so we were able to pretty much stay with what we were going to do.”

(On if there were any halftime adjustments as a result of Matt Moore playing and maybe not knowing the game) – “Not necessarily, no.”

(On if there was any point in the game when he thought about putting Ryan Tannehill back into the game because after the game he said he felt he could have played) – “Not really, no.”

(On Jabar Gaffney’s performance) – “I thought he did a good job. I thought he did a good job. Obviously, we’d love to see him make that second catch, but I thought he moved around, we use the term upstairs, ‘He moved around like a football player.’ He kind of ran routes the way a receiver, you’d like to see a receiver run routes. He wasn’t perfect, but he had the one explosive catch. We’ll see down the road. Hopefully, there might be more.”

(On how it must be good to have more depth with Gaffney and the way Marlon Moore is playing) – “Marlon made a great effort, individual effort on his part. It was a good throw by Matt. Good ball. You put the ball up with some air, let the guy run underneath it and catch it and Marlon extended his body and made a nice catch. Both guys contributed. It was good.”

(On the number one key to success on special teams) – “I think it’s a combination of personnel, scheme, commitment to it, the teaching of it. Yeah, I don’t think it’s anything different than the other two phases of the game.”

(On when he says commitment if he thinks not all teams view special teams the same way) – “I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I think with the meeting time, the practice time… a belief that the significance that special teams can play in a game is important to have. And hopefully we have that here.”

(On if his philosophy about special teams has evolved over the years) – “Well, not necessarily. I was never in charge of how much time they’re going to get when I was an offensive coordinator. I wanted them to have less than more (joking). I don’t know about that. I just think the way we’re built right now, we have to play well on special teams.”

(On Olivier Vernon and Jimmy Wilson playing a lot on defense and special teams and what that says about the makeup of the special teams unit) – “I think they like being a part of it. I think they look forward to it. They’ve got some enthusiasm. You can see that on the film. They play hard. Yeah, I think those guys, they both got a lot of snaps, both defensive… Those two specific players that you mentioned both got snaps defensively and special teams.”

(On if he’s ever seen a situation before like when player recorded a sack and blocked punt on back-to-back plays) – “I don’t remember if it unfolded quite like that, but yeah that was two impactful plays. No doubt about it.”

(On what he meant by saying that special teams were important as a result of the way the team is built right now) – “We’re not a super-high scoring offense today as we speak. I think we’re going to get better as the year goes on. Our defense is playing well on third down. They’re playing well in the red zone. We’ve got a pretty good punter I think. He’s pretty darn good. That’s kind of the way we’ve been playing.”

(On if Ryan Tannehill received an MRI today) – “I’m not sure where he’s at. We’ll certainly update you guys on Wednesday when we know more.”

(On starting out fast) – “Yeah, I thought our guys came out well. I really did. I thought we got out the gate quickly. I thought we were ready to play (and we) made some plays early. I know we had a big lead at halftime in Arizona, which we didn’t sustain, but it was nice to see that we had a big lead at half, they came out I think and got a field goal. (They had) a big return and we held them to a field goal if I’m not mistaken. Then, we got a big return and got a touchdown. So that was a good way to answer and respond. We’ve been a pretty good third quarter team if I’m not mistaken throughout this season, but I thought we came out pretty good.”

(On how concerned he was when Richard Marshall was injured three weeks ago and if Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson have eased his concerns) – “I don’t know if concerned. I’m pleased with the development of the secondary. I’ll say that. You’re always uneasy. When you realize the sacrifices and the effort and commitment that the players put into the game and a guy gets injured, you feel for the players. I don’t know that I was overly concerned, but more you’re disappointed for the individual, but you have to have faith in the guys that you’re dressing and bringing to the game that they have to contribute and make a play. (It’s) no different than Matt Moore. We’ve got to get up and get going and keep playing. It’s kind of similar.”

(On how the team handled the intensity and emotions of the game) – “I thought pretty well. There (were) a couple of chippy spots that we could have done a little bit better in. But I think overall, I think our guys handled themselves well.”

(On Daniel Thomas’ increased second half workload being a product of having a lead) – “A little bit. I thought he ran the ball hard. He played decisively, he was quick. There wasn’t a lot of dancing with his running style yesterday. Unfortunately the one long one where it looked like he was going to rip one off got called back.”

(On his comfort level with Pat Devlin as the backup if Ryan Tannehill can’t play on Sunday) – “(I have) a high confidence level in Pat. He knows this offense very, very well. Another guy that is very well respected in the building. Obviously it’s too early to predict what’s going to happen in that regard, but yeah we have a lot of faith in Pat.”

(On Dan Fouts comparing his demeanor to Bill Walsh) – “(laughing). That’s good. He didn’t compare my hair line to Bill Walsh? That’s a good one. I’ll have to thank him for that the next time I talk to him.”

(On whether he likes being called a daring or outside the box coach with the fake punts and onside kicks he has called to this point in the season) – “Daring is usually not associated with me. Like I said, we felt like it was the right thing (to do). There’s going to be times, I’m sure, down the road where we think about these things, we have meeting about these things and discuss them, and sometimes a situation arises where we think it’s an opportune time to utilize them. But let’s face it, there’s going to be a time where we think that and the other team does a better job executing and it’s not going to work. We’re going to be careless and risky, too risky. But you know, it’s part of the world that we live in. I think as long as there is a good thought process to what you do things, and there is more than one way to do things, but I think if at least you think about why you’re doing something is sometimes more important than what you’re doing. So if you have a why, at least you can justify it. Everybody else may not agree with it, but that’s ok. So I think we’ve had a couple of reasons as to why we did, and we were fortunate they worked. The players executed the plays.”

(On his message to the players after the game) – “I was proud of them. It was a team victory. I think we did what we set out to do, but I said the train is going to keep rolling. We have to keep doing the same things and we have to stay true to the film. We have to come in today and watch the film and see what our mistakes were and get better. We’re going to have a huge test; I don’t know a ton about Indy. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I do. They must be pretty good. They’re 4-3, they’ve got a winning record. They must be playing tough. They’re winning some close games. So we have to go on the road, and I played a preseason game, or I was coaching in a preseason game in the new facility. The old facility was probably the loudest place I’ve ever been in that I recall. So we’re going to have to play very, very well. Let’s enjoy the victory on the ride home and let’s come into work tomorrow and go to work.”

(On whether the quarterback needs to be 100% healthy to play on Sunday) – “I think you always want your quarterback to be as (healthy as possible). You have to make a decision as to, ‘can the guy function and do the job requirement that you ask of him in that particular week.’ If he can’t then… Again I’m not smart enough to figure out the percentages of you know, 75%, 90%. Either he can do the job or he can’t. But I would say you would certainly love your guy to be 100%.”

(On how he battles a sense of self-satisfaction at the current winning streak) – “I think hopefully if there is one thing, it’s October 29th I think, and we’ve been with these guys since April 10th and we’re going to stick with the plan. Hopefully this is a program where our guys are going to get better and you’re going to develop and improve as the season goes along. The only way to do that is to watch the film, watch the tape. The way we prepare these guys, I think we’ve been ready to play for the majority of the seven games we’ve played in. we’ve made a ton of mistakes, players and coaches, so we’ve just got to get to work. I think you try and stay as even as you can and keep plugging along. Try to enjoy it while you can too. To get to November and you still have a winning record and the team you play has a winning record, it should be fun. It should be a good football game.”

(On it being good to see Dan Carpenter have a bounce back game) – “Yeah, very much so. I was very pleased. It was a good day for him, absolutely.”

(On whether he shares Ryan Tannehill’s optimism that the QB will play on Sunday) – “Yeah he was optimistic on the plane. You would hope players are. I don’t know much, but it was a good conversation on the plane.”

(On whether he was limping) – “He was sitting down nicely when I saw him, so I don’t know about the limp.”
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