Coach Philbin Press Conference Transcript And Video, 10/5

Posted Oct 5, 2012

Coach Philbin addresses the South Florida media.

On if tackle Jonathan Martin has played as well as he would realistically expect from a rookie right tackle who played left tackle in college) – “I think he’s done a nice job. There’s always room for improvement. There’s not a lot of, we don’t spend a lot of time, especially myself personally, comparing guys. I’m happy with his progress. I think he’s playing well. I think you see improvement. I like the way he practices. I think he still has a long way to go, but I think he’s made a good contribution so far.”

(On how the tight end group has done so far this season) – “I like what Anthony Fasano’s done. He’s performed well. Obviously, we’d like to get (Charles) Clay a little more (involved) in terms of the passing game, some more plays, more production. (Jeron) Mastrud fills a nice role in there when he’s contributing nicely. I think, overall, it’s been good. Certainly, there’s room for more out of Charles Clay and that’s not at all just on Charles Clay, but (I’d) like to see him make a couple more plays.”

(On his overall assessment of the offense’s blitz pickup) – “Overall, well. There’s certain principles of pass protection that, you mentioned it, we kind of violated last week and those usually end up kind of biting you. We’ve got to do a better job. It’s something we spend a lot of time on. We tell the players all the time the things you emphasize have to show up. We can’t stay out there all day. They’re certain things we emphasize more than others and that’s an area we want to improve on.”

(On slowing down Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green) – “Like I said, I sit in all the defensive installation meetings and I think we have a good plan. But again, it comes down to making plays at critical times and we know he’s a target for them. There’s no question about it. He’s good both down the field, it’s not like all he can do is catch a vertical shot down the field, the guy’s a good route runner. He can catch the ball underneath. It’s going to be a challenge and we’ve got tackle these guys well. There’s going to be some completions. I don’t think we’re going to, our expectation is not that we’re going to shutout these guys totally, but our expectation is we’ve got to contest throws and tackle them.”

(On whether Mike Pouncey has maintained a high level of play after the first two weeks) – “He's played well. He's played very well. I like what he’s doing. I like the way he plays the game. He’s a good football player. I’m very pleased with him.”

(On his trust level with R.J. Stanford) – “I think somebody asked me yesterday, I like what he does on special teams. Obviously he is a bit of an unknown quantity on defense, however if he is called upon, we all have confidence in what he has done. He prepares well, he practices well, I think his understanding of the scheme and the defense has improved on a weekly basis, and he is very competitive. So those are all good signs.”

(On whether there is one aspect of A.J. Green that is most dangerous, ball in the air, yards after catch, or the way he gets off the line of scrimmage) – “You mentioned three pretty good ones. He’s a good football player. Like you said he competes, he has great size, he has demonstrated an ability to get open, so it’s going to be a key part of the game. But he's a very fine player.”

(On how Nolan Carroll has done through a quarter of the season) – “I think he has played well. We would like him to make more plays on the ball at times just like our other defensive backs. He’s a competitive guy, he's intelligent, and you know what you’re going to get from him when you put him in the game. You’re going to get a great effort from the kid on the special teams and defense. He’s done well, but I think there is room for improvement.”

(On what sort of challenges a big offensive line proposes this weekend) – “Well you have to be able to disengage and a couple of things. In the run game you have to able to get off blocks; you can’t get engulfed by big people. In the passing game, obviously like you said, if you just run down the middle of somebody, it’s tough to with big, big people, it’s tough to move those guys around. So you have to use your athleticism, your speed and you instinctive moves as a pass rusher to defeat guys. If you get right down the middle of big men, it’s hard to get around those guys.”

(On the week of practice that Jabar Gaffney had) – “I think every day a little better. Every day a little bit better. We’re still working some things through in terms of where he is. You know is he in slot or trips or single receiver and those types of things. But we’ve seen development, no question.”

(On whether there is a chance he will play on Sunday) “We’ll see. Possibly.”

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