Coach Philbin: Tannehill Has Displayed Good Mental Toughness

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin issues a statement on the team's decision to release veteran cornerback Richard Marshall along with answering questions on other topics during his session with the media on Wednesday. Watch for Philbin's thoughts on Jonathan Martin, Dimitri Patterson and other members of the roster.

(Opening Statement) – “As you guys are well aware, we made a roster move last night. Decisions like these are never easy. We consider a multitude of factors before we make a decision like this, but we do feel like this decision came at the right time and it’s in the best interest in the football team. We wish Richard well in the future, he was a very professional team player and we wish him and his family well.”

(On if the move was mostly financial, or performance based) – “I’m going to stand by the statement I just made; there was a multitude of factors that went into the decision. We took a lot of things into consideration and this is what we came to.”

(On how close the team is to finding slot guy and nickel defensive back) – “Its August 21st we’ve got an important home opener against Tampa Bay this Saturday. Then we have another game against New Orleans where we’ll have a chance to evaluate players and then we have about 10 days before we open, September 8th in Cleveland. So we’ve got work to do, there’s no doubt about it, we feel like we have some good candidates, but we need work.”

(On if this means Dimitri Patterson was winning the competition (with Richard Marshall)) – “Not necessarily, again this is the decision we came to for a variety of factors, and this is where we are.”

(On if Brandon Fields will handle onside kicks, what does he do well) – “Right now he does, he’s got a good knack for placement, the timing of it, the location of it so he’s going to handle that at this point in time. He’s been working at it.”

(On if there is a game plan for Saturday’s preseason game) – “Absolutely, we’ve had game plans for each and every game, there’s no question about it. We’ve had more time, the way the schedule is set up, we’ve set up more time and devoted more practice time to this particular game, so absolutely we have a game plan.”

(On if there are certain situations he would like to see the running backs in during Saturday’s game) – “Sure, I think as you’ve noticed in the first three games, we’ve provided opportunities for Daniel to run behind the first unit, Lamar to run behind them. We’ll continue that Saturday night, and also give them both 3rd down work. They both need it.”

(On if the game will take half time adjustments to another level) – “We’ve had half time adjustments in both preceding games, and we’ll certainly make some more. Hopefully we won’t to make too many, I hope we have a good game plan, a solid game plan that’s working at halftime. You always tinker with things a little bit at half time no doubt about it.”

(On the progress of Jonathan Martin) – “I think he’s been quietly improving. That’s probably a good thing for an offensive lineman, you don’t’ want to be noticed too much as an offensive lineman. I think the timing on his punch is getting better, his footwork is getting better. Again his continual work, he’s working hard at it he’s very detailed with his preparation, and I like the strides he’s making, he certainly has more to make.”

(On his thoughts about going with two or three quarterbacks) – “I’ve been on both sides of it, it’s something that we’ll have to consider. Hopefully we have a lot of tough decisions to make before we finalize the roster. Certainly there are teams in the National Football League that only carry 2, there are some that carry 3. That will be one of those decisions that we’ll have to address and we’re going to have to consider a lot of different factors.”

(On how Pat Devlin has played) – “He’s doing well; the thing that you like about Pat is that he has a very good command of the system and he plays fast. He’s performed well in the games that he’s played, so hopefully we’ll give him some more opportunities.”

(On if you see any improvement from last year for him) – “Absolutely, definitely”

(On if there is a specific moment he remembers Ryan showing mental toughness) – “I thought he displayed good mental toughness the first start he had in Houston back in September of last year. He knew what went wrong, he didn’t panic he came out and played better in the second half after certainly a rough patch there of four or five minutes. I think he’s displayed good mental toughness, really since the start.”

(On how comfortable he is with the depth behind Reshad Jones) – “I like the upside of all of those guys, I’d like to see them perform in two more games and see if anybody can really distinguish themselves by their performance. I think there are guys there to work with, I like them, I think they’ve worked hard. They’ve shown some flashes during the course of training camp, but I’d like to see them put a couple games of good performance, back to back on film.”
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