Coach Philbin: We Had Some Guys Who Had Exceptional Practices

Posted Aug 1, 2013

Head Coach Joe Philbin meets with reporters to answer questions on Ryan Tannehill, Jamar Taylor and other players thoughout the first 10 practices of training camp. Don't miss Philbin's strong praise for rookie cornerback Will Davis and his tremendous ability to make plays in practice.

(Opening Statement) – “Since we last gathered, we’ve had an opportunity. We’ve had two different practices. We’ve had a chance to work on a multitude of situations. Yesterday we worked on backed-up, four minute, overtime sequence. Today we worked on two-point plays, fourth-down plays, two minute again, last play of the half, last play of the game when there is only five seconds left on the clock. This sums up our installation phase. We’ve virtually covered every situation we can, so our guys should be prepared to play a good football game Sunday night in Canton.”

(On what he’s seen from Jelani Jenkins) – “Smart, he’s quick. He’s picked up the system well, very good play speed, really making a mark in pass defense as well.”

(On Will Davis being active around the ball) –“I said to the team today. I talked to the team after practice. I think we had some guys who had exceptional practices. We had some guys who didn’t. I haven’t watch every play of Will Davis, but he had his hand on the ball eight times today maybe. That leads me to believe he had a very good practice, so one of the measuring sticks we were looking at in our defensive backs, making a play on the ball. I thought he had a good practice. I’m sure there were a lot of technique things he needs to work on, but we’ll take a look at that. I was pleased with him today.”

(On having Jamar Taylor back at practice today) –“Very antsy (to get back out there). He’s got good quickness. He wants to be out there. He’s a quick learner. Again, we are progressing him up. We aren’t just throwing him in there for 70 reps or anything. I think he’s doing well, so far.”

(On hopeful of getting Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline into Sunday’s game) – “We’ll see. We have to get through the practice week and see how everything is. We’ll finalize our play time the best we can on Saturday after we finish up the practice week, and we’ll see where we are at.”

(On Marvin McNutt progressing throughout camp) – “He’s a big target. He’s made a lot of plays. He has a knack, whether it is in the red zone; big guy coming across the middle, sometimes running the slant and then breaking route, he’s a hard guy for (defensive backs) to get around because of his size. He’s done some good things. He needs to catch the ball a little more consistently.”

(On what he is expecting to see from all of the rookies on Sunday) – “Like I’ve said, we’ve got to get through the practice week. Lots of things can happen. Obviously we are pleased with them being out on the field contributing, but I wouldn’t make any projections in terms of Sunday before we finish the week.”

(On having a defensive end and tackle going against each other and determining who is playing well and not so well) – “I think how quickly a defensive end impacts the throw of the quarterback and the drop of the quarterback. If it is a five-step drop, the quarterback barely has time to set his feet. He’s got to step up or scramble out. I think that is one measure of perhaps the defense being very, very disruptive. As you know, we are not tackling the quarterback or hitting the quarterback. Really I think it is the rhythm of the quarterback and the rhythm of the pass game in these settings is really how you can measure it.”

(On how a tackle is measured against a defensive end) – “If the quarterback can come off his first read, his second read and even check it down to a back, maybe take a couple of hitches. If he can take a couple of hitches, that means the protection is pretty solid both on the outside and the inside.”

(On how he feels about red-zone execution) – “This is our third install that we’ve devoted, practices four, seven and nine, have been really red zone intensive. Yeah, basically what we do is getting everything in and then we are going to have to pick and choice what we like. We can’t do it all. We’ve got a lot of volume in right now. We could never execute these plays crisply in a game. So we kind of have to narrow the focus down, what can our players be great at, and what is the quarterback like, what are the receivers like, what can we feel good about protection wise, conceptually. It’s a long ways to go.”

(On what it means to complete the install phase) –“I would say 95 (percent complete). A lot of it is in, offense, defense special teams. There’s always game-plan things we will take a peek at and look at, a wrinkle here and there. We were in a meeting today. We watched the fundamentals. We watched some good snaps of block-protection. We watched some good snaps of blocking, stripping the ball, catching the football, some of the basic fundamentals. I told the players today, ‘Look, we aren’t going to dial up the perfect call every single time.’ Nobody does in football from what I’ve seen in 30 years of coaching, so we have to have our guys line-up and play sound, fundamental, hard, tough football.”

(On the speed of the install this year compared to last year’s camp) – “Very similar, but I think we added more. The volume has been higher, but kind of the sequencing has been very similar and the volume higher.”

(On what he senses he has in Dion Sims) –“I like him a lot. I think he’s doing a lot of good things. He has a chance to be a very good blocker in this league. He’s got soft hands, but I told him out on the field (that) you can’t drop a ball on third-and-three in the redzone on the three-yard line. But he’s had a very good camp. He’s going to be a good football player.”

(On what he does with the third outside rusher when he has three quality speed-rushing player) – “There is a lot of different ways to do things, and we’ll make a decision on a weekly basis per game-plan of what’s the best use of our personnel. Coaches are charged, that’s their duty. They have to figure out what players, put them in the right role at the right time doing the right jobs.”

(On what Ryan Tannehill is doing well) – “Primarily decision-making, number one, and then accuracy, number two. I wouldn’t say the accuracy, the location has been perfect every pass, but it hasn’t been bad to the degree where it hasn’t been bouncing off of receivers and into the hands of the defense.”
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