Coach Philbin: We Have To Play Extremely Well At Home

Posted Oct 16, 2013

Ccoach Joe Philbin looks ahead to Sunday's game with Buffalo. See what he has to say about what the Bills do well, what Miami needs to improve on and more.

(Opening statement) – “We have the vast majority of our game plan in. I think all of us are excited about playing our first division game of the year at home.”

(On how many adjustments are made during an off-week and how much time is spent on evaluations) - “We had three days we were in the office after the Baltimore game. The staff took some time off. The players obviously took some time off. Most of that time, once we got through the Baltimore film and showed it to the players was devoted to ourselves primarily, number one, before we moved on to Buffalo. Certainly, I think there will be some adjustments that you will see. You can’t make a lot of whole-sale. We will still do the things we do and believe in, but there will be some minor adjustments.”

(On the open roster spot and how involved he will be in the decision) - “We always work together. It is a collaborate effort. That’s what this organization is all about. We will always work together and do the best thing for the team.”

(On what he’s noticed from the offensive line at practice this week) – “Again, it is a very professional group. It’s a very hard working group of guys. I think they know that success offensively often times they don’t get much notoriety when things are going well. When things aren’t going so well certainly they can get some of the blame for it. They are a hard-working professional group. They’ve been out here working hard to improve on a daily basis.”

(On how far along he feels the team is in creating a home-field advantage) - “We talked to the team about it today. We talked about our record since 1970 I believe is the fourth best in football when we play in home games here. We talked about the advantage. Last year we had a winning record at home. We need to improve upon that and make it better, there’s no question about it. If you want to be a great football team, you have to play extremely well at home. We are no different. That’s got to be part of what we do.”

(On how to prepare for Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson when not knowing what his status is) – “We have to prepare (like) all of these guys are going to play until we know differently. We have contingency plans based on if he’s in the game or not. It widens our package a little bit but not excessively.”

(On how much progress Dimitri Patterson has made this week) - “It’s been gradual. I think gradual is probably the best way to describe it. We’ll see how he practices the rest of the week.”

(On if having Thursday as player’s day off has been successful so far) - “I believe it has, yeah. I think it’s been good. I think our players feel more rested. Their bodies feel better when they take the field on Sunday. It allows us as a staff an opportunity. We’ve got the vast majority of the game plan in. We get an opportunity to step back from the rush of getting ready for practice, getting ready for meetings. We can maybe tweak it a little bit, ‘We thought this was good. It wasn’t.’ I think it’s been good.”

(On if he anticipates on staying with Thursdays off for the rest of the season) - “As of right now. Everything is week-to-week. Things can change, but yeah I like it.”

(On if the Bills’ speed impresses him) - “Yeah, they are a very athletic team. They have good speed. They have good speed, even their front people on defense are quick and athletic. It’s a quality football team.”

(On how hard it is in the middle of the season to figure out when to play guys coming back from injuries) – “You’ve got to trust your eyes a little bit. You want to feel confident in what you see in practice that it can translate to the game. Some examples in Buffalo last week of (Stephon) Gilmore and (Jairus) Byrd making their first action in the game, kind of playing and breaking in gradually. Everybody does it differently. I think you really have to trust what you see in practice. ”

(On how tough it is to balance a player’s injury status with their desire to get back into the game) – “Every decision we make is in the best interests of the team. We have to take everything into account. You can’t let that sway what you see on tape and what you see with your eyes on the field.”

(On if inside linebacker is more of a challenge for Jason Trusnik) – “When you are a backup, you have to be ready for a variety of spots. He knows his role. He knows this defense very well. He’s a detail oriented guy and is thorough in his preparation. I don’t think it’s that much more.”

(On what intrigued him about Jelani Jenkins coming out of college and how he’s made the transition to bring an NFL linebacker)– “I like the progress he’s making. I think he’s developing very well. He’s an intelligent guy. We thought when he was coming out he showed some versatility that he could play well against the run and defend the pass as well. We like his all-around skillset.”

(On if there is something to be said about playing in the SEC conference and the preparation for the NFL it provides)– “I think the coaching in the SEC is outstanding. There are a lot of great coaches in college football, there’s no doubt about it. There’s good athletes in every conference, but certainly players at the University of Florida, our state university, these guys do a great job up there. They are well-prepared.”

(On how much he looks at special teams to fill in backup linebackers) – “With the way the rosters are and only bringing 46 players to a game, backup linebackers are typically some of your core guys. You need those guys to be vital members of the special teams unit. Most of the time when the decision making process comes, you are looking for those guys to be good special teams players.”

(On if there are certain things he is looking for when watching special teams film that shows a player might be ready for a greater workload on defense)– “You are looking for playmakers. If the play is there to be made and they make the play, whether it be the coverage tackle or if they make the direct block or if they hold of their man on the punt return, you’re looking for when they have their opportunities to do their job, they are doing it consistently, doing it well and they are finishing plays when plays are there to be made.”

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