Coach Philbin: We're Going To Fix The Problems

Posted Oct 6, 2013

Coach Joe Philbin meets with the media following Miami's 26-23 loss to the Ravens.

OPENING STATEMENT: I want to give credit to Baltimore, their players, their staff. They made enough plays to win the game. They deserved to win the game. They played a very good second half. We did not do a good job, obviously. We took a nice lead at the end of the first half, but didn’t do a very good job playing with a lead. Our guys fought hard and made some plays, but not enough to win the game.

(on the last sack of QB Ryan Tannehill and what should have occurred on the play) – “Hopefully a completed pass. I’d hate to be a smart aleck. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – the starting point in the passing game is protection. You’ve got to have protection to function. You’re not in the field position where you’d like to take a sack on that particular play.”

(on the run game) – “They had a couple of good calls. They came off the slot once or twice and had some run pressures that made it a little bit challenging to run the football on occasion. They have some big guys who are some good run defense. We certainly have to block better, break some tackles. We knew we might be throwing the ball a little bit more because of the style of play and the defensive calls they were utilizing. We probably wouldn’t have had to same type of balance we had in the first half a week ago.”

(on the number of sacks in the game on Tannehill) – “It’s hard to function. It’s hard to function offensively when you’re going backwards. It makes your job…it makes it tougher. It makes it tougher, no doubt about it.”

(on Tannehill being more mobile in the pocket) – “We called a couple of movement passes. I’d have to look at the sacks as to exactly what down and distance they took place. Typically those are first down calls when you’re going to roll the quarterback out. When you do that, there’s pluses and minuses. You restrict him on the field that the quarterback’s able to utilize in his pass reads and so forth.”

(on the range for K Caleb Sturgis) – “[For] the game winner, we thought near the 40-yard line would be a game winner.”

(on if the wind carried the field goal attempt) – “Not to my knowledge. I’m not a wind expert.”

(on the play of WR Mike Wallace) – “I have to study the tape close enough to see if they were great throws, if they were tough throws, if they would have been tough catches. We had some decent production, there’s no question.”

(on the pass interference calls) – “That’s always hard to see. I’m on the opposite sideline, 53 ⅓ yards away. It was a hard football.”

(on the overturned reception) – “It looked close. It looked like a pretty good [call].”

(on the play of the defense) – “Again, I don’t know that we complimented the units very well. One time, our kicking game pins them down for six and they’re able to break out a run for 30 yards. When you’re in a tight game, a close game, you’re going to have to do a better job on those types of things.”

(on if the pass interference call on CB Brent Grimes was difficult to define against the rules) – “Not if you can understand the rule book it’s not. It’s…those are calls – that’s football. That’s what happens in football. Officials are charged with making calls and that’s what they do.”

(on the play of DE Cameron Wake) – “Our play times are always dictated and given to guys we feel give us the best chance to win the game.”

(on the injuries to the defense) – “They showed some resiliency. They made some plays, obviously. Anytime you score on defense, that’s a big play. Like you’ve mentioned, there were a few too many big plays.”

(on if he considered calling any time outs prior to the final two-minute warning) – “Right before the two-minute warning I did, but when it gets to about 2:15, that’s when I let it get to the two-minute warning. I did consider it.”

(on going into the bye week with a 3-2 record) – “[There are] some good, some things really need correcting and working on. I told the team we have an excellent group of men in the locker room and we’re going to fix the problems that we have. We’re not going to sweep them under the rug. We’re going to identify them, and find a way to improve.”

(on if he thought K Caleb Sturgis’ field goal attempt was good) – “I don’t really have a good angle. I couldn’t really tell.”
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