Cover 3: Fins | Football | Pop Culture

Posted Oct 18, 2017

DOLPHINS: With the Dolphins celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Perfect Season, do you think there will ever be another undefeated team?

Andy Cohen: Not anytime soon. The NFL is built around parity. The last unbeaten team went down in week six. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even earlier next season. There are just too many advantages built in for bad teams to at least have a chance to turn things around in a hurry. The 1972 Dolphins can rest easy. Nobody is going to challenge that unbeaten record as long as the NFL is set up the way it is today. We’ve always known that 1972 season was special. As the years have gone by, we’ve come to realize how special it really was.

John Congemi: I don’t believe that there will be another NFL franchise that matches the Dolphins’ 1972 undefeated team. There is just too much parity in today’s game and more teams that play at an elite level each and every week. Teams of the 70’s and 80’s built and secured their core players and that allowed the talented teams to separate from the rest. This year any team that makes the playoffs has a legitimate chance to win it all, but not one that could go through the entire season without a loss.

Alain Poupart: I start by thinking that “ever” is a mighty long time and there will be so many seasons played that you would think somebody is bound to come up with the kind of season New England had in 2007 but won’t stumble in the Super Bowl the way the Patriots did against the Giants. Carolina also gave it a good run two seasons ago, finished 15-1 but then lost in the Super Bowl. But then you have this year when it’s mid-October and there’s no unbeaten team in the league anymore. It’s just awfully hard to never have a down week. The media scrutiny also is more significant than it was in 1972, and that doesn’t help things, either. So will it ever be duplicated? Well, it hasn’t been done in the past 44 years, so why should the next 44 be any different? Besides, Joe DiMaggio’s record 56-game hitting streak is still unmatched, and that was 76 years ago.

NFL: What was your biggest takeaway from Week 6?

Cohen: There is so much to choose from. Certainly the Dolphins beating Atlanta is near the top of the list. But how about the Giants winning at Denver for a shocker? Or the injury to Aaron Rodgers and the ripple effect it could have in the NFC? But after further review, my choice is the Steelers upsetting the previously unbeaten Chiefs and doing it on the road. This tells me the race for the Super Bowl is wide open and, at least at this point, there are no great teams out there.

Congemi: The big news from this week was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers separating his right shoulder, and could be lost for the season. That loss should keep the Packers from contending for a championship. Also, the Dolphins’ huge comeback win in Atlanta is right at the top of the list, along with the last undefeated team in the league going down when the Steelers defeated the Chiefs on the road, 19-13.

Alain Poupart: There were two things that really jumped out in Week 6, and that was the re-emergence of Adrian Peterson and the injury to Aaron Rodgers. Of those, Rodgers’ injury clearly was the headliner. I mean, that thing is a game-changer in the NFC. With Rodgers, Green Bay looked like the team to beat in that conference, but now it’s wide open with a large group of contenders including Philadelphia, Carolina, Seattle and maybe even the upstart Los Angeles Rams.

Pop: Which teams will meet in the NBA Finals this season?

Cohen: The NBA has evolved into a very predictable league and when there are two clearly dominant teams, one in each conference, it’s hard to go with anyone else. So I’ll take the easy route and go with the chalk – Golden State vs. Cleveland. Who could possibly challenge them? Oh, there are some high-octane teams in the west like Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma State and the Celtics could cause some problems in the East. But, barring major injuries, it doesn’t seem like any team can get in the way of Golden State and Cleveland.

Congemi: I’m going with the rest of the world and say the Golden State Warriors will play against the Cleveland Cavs again for the championship...and the result stays the same!

Alain Poupart: The NFL is all about parity, but the same clearly can’t be said about the NBA, where it appears to be Golden State and everybody else in the Western Conference, and Cleveland and everybody else in the Eastern Conference. Yet, the law of averages says a fourth consecutive Golden State-Cleveland showdown shouldn’t happen. So who could crash the party? Oklahoma State added Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in the offseason, and Houston picked up Chris Paul to join James Harden, but Golden State is just so loaded that there’s no way to go against the Warriors. Maybe it’s not so clear-cut in the Eastern Conference, primarily because two key components on the Cavaliers roster are an aging Dwyane Wade and the injury-prone Derrick Rose. So it says here the Cavs are a bit more vulnerable than the Warriors. Of course, injuries can change everything and we’ve already had a significant one with the gruesome leg injury sustained by Boston’s Gordon Heyward on Tuesday night. All that said, I’ll go with Warriors-Wizards in the NBA Finals.