DCC Is Near And Dear To McGeoghan's Heart

Posted Feb 5, 2015

Dolphins assistant coach has been directly affected by cancer, so he is relishing the chance to come out in support of the Dolphins Cycling Challenge.

As Dolphins assistant wide receivers coach Phil McGeoghan sees it, the start of the offseason represents a great opportunity for coaches throughout the NFL to reconnect with family, friends and their community.

It’s also a chance to take part in worthwhile community events, such as the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. The DCC will take place this weekend, the first time in its five years it has been held in the offseason.

Like so many others, McGeoghan has been directly affected by cancer, so he is relishing the chance to come out in support of the DCC, which raised approximately $7 million for cancer research and patient care in its first four years.

“The event is a great opportunity for myself and my family to get out and support the Dolphins community and the whole community,” McGeoghan said. “I think it’s a great event for the organization. Many of us have been affected by cancer and lost loved ones. I lost my grandmother my rookie year as a player in the NFL and she was just somebody who was very close to me. I know many of the players that I’ve coached at the collegiate level and at the professional level have been afffected by losing people to cancer. It’s a great cause and something that’s near and dear to my heart.”

McGeoghan, who spent part of four NFL seasons with four different teams as a player from 2001-03, joined the Dolphins coaching staff in 2012.

He’ll be taking advantage Sunday of another change with the DCC, the addition of a 5K Walk/Run. McGeoghan said he would be accompanied at Sun Life Stadium by his girlfriend, Jennie, and their 9-month-old son, Philip.

“We’re going to try the stroller, but he is a little bit of a restless one, so I just assume that I will be carrying him for a majority of the 5K and that’s probably how it will go,” McGeoghan said. “But he just started to walk. He’s taken about 40 steps, so we’re going to see. Maybe he can get some work in on his own.”

McGeoghan also is hoping to convince some of his neighbors to join him.

“I’m not sure how many people are going to come,” he said. “I’m hoping we get 10, 12, 15; I don’t know, it just depends. A lot of people from the organization don’t form their own teams, they kind of just go out as a mass group. We just kind of want to form our own team and see if we could get out there and spread the word a little bit more. Just trying to see if we can get out there and raise as much money as possible.”

Regardless of how many people join him, McGeoghan is just happy he’s getting the chance to participate in the DCC this time.

“In the past, I just hadn’t been able to make plans and get it done,” McGeoghan said. “So personally for me this was the most realistic opportunity and I feel like some of the people in the organization really promoted it this year, so (we’re) anticipating this to be the best year that it’s ever been.

“The most important thing is there’s not a lot of opportunities for the coaches. The players get one day off; coaches, we game-plan during that day. So really seven days a week we’re going at it pretty good during the season. So when the season is over, it’s a good opportunity to reconnect with your family and with the community. What better opportunity than to do it with your family, with the people that live in your neighborhood, that share the grocery store and share the community, to get out there and try to do something to help benefit cancer research.”

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Note: While registration to ride in the DCC has closed, anyone can still run, walk, volunteer or donate. For information, visit
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