Dolfans Out In Force At First Saturday Practice

Posted Jul 26, 2014

The crowd of 1,560 was into all phases of the practices, roaring during team drills or seven-on-seven portions of practice at the sight of a deep pass or big play.

There was most certainly no drop off in fan enthusiasm on the second day of Dolphins Training Camp. Scores of Dolfans once again descended upon the Doctors Hospital Training Facility in Davie to witness the team’s second open practice on a day in which the heat index reached close to triple digits.

Dolfan Vernon Jones was just one of the 1,560 supporters in attendance. He said that he and his family enjoy coming out to camp because it’s one of the few first-hand opportunities they have to see the team in action.

“I thought it would be great to bring my family out to get a chance to see the Dolphins get ready for the 2014 season,” said Jones. “We are extremely excited and I expect them to do really well this season. Just really wanted to come out and see firsthand, the guys get ready for the season.”

Dolphins fans are always passionate about their team, and Jones also said that that was one of the most noticeable things about fans at camp. The crowd was into all phases of the practices, roaring during team drills or seven-on-seven portions of practice at the sight of a deep pass or big play.

“One of the greatest things is being here and seeing all the fans, I’m not the only one who has passion for the team. There are hundreds of people out here enjoying themselves and it’s just good to be part of it.”

Dolfans were clearly excited at the prospects of the 2014 seasons, and fan Michael Holliday came to camp looking for a couple things in particular. He was eager to see the Dolphins’ new offensive system in action under Head Coach Joe Philbin and Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor.

“I’m really interested to see Jarvis Landry and the new run game, and I’d also like to see what they’re going to do in a depth situation with Ryan Tannehill and the wide receivers.”

Though most practices start at 8 a.m. and the team begins every morning inside the practice bubble, fans were in Davie bright and early, as lines started forming more than an hour before the scheduled practice time.

Defensive tackle Jared Odrick sometimes can’t believe the enthusiasm and the commitment that the fans have to the team and is incredibly thankful for it.

“It means a lot,” said Odrick. “There is unwavering support every year where people come out here at 7:30 in the morning already waiting for us and we aren’t even on the field yet so it shows a lot about the type of support we have and the type of fans we have.”

Defensive end Cameron Wake put the team’s important relationship with its fans truly into perspective. He thanked them for their passion while watching practice, and said how their support motivates the players to become the best that they can be.

“I know from personal experience how hot it is and the fans sitting in the stands getting baked and to still be out here 2.5 hours later with so much enthusiasm and support is amazing that it makes us want to go out there and try even harder to get the job done,” said Wake. “We love you guys, we’ll see you week 1.”