Dolphins Featured On Access Hollywood

Posted Jan 31, 2013

Devoted season ticket member, cheerleaders part of show.


Curious onlookers heading to one of the luxurious pools at The Fontainbleau Miami Beach or coming off the sand caught a little Miami Dolphins fever today, courtesy of Access Hollywood.

The wildly popular entertainment newsmagazine television show filmed tonight’s one-hour episode on the tightly manicured lawn adjacent to the main pool at the legendary posh hotel and spa. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and tailgater extraordinaire Dave Richards were two of the key components on the show, which airs tonight at 7:30 on WTVJ-Channel 6 in Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

Hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover got a lesson on how to tailgate properly at an NFL football game on Sundays by Richards and his wife, Diane. They actually set everything up just as they would in the parking lot at Sun Life Stadium, complete with a bar, grill and chairs and tables unloaded from the back of their pickup trick. Bush and Hoover even got to sample some of the tasty fare, including empanadas, skirt steak with Swiss cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages.

“Big Dave, he oozes good times,” said Bush, who is the nephew of former President George H.W. Bush and the cousin of former President George W. Bush. “He’s like Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo and his wife is incredibly patient and sweet. If you watch the game and you look at Row 1 you’ll see Dave and his 10 tickets and everybody knows Dave, so we tracked him down, asked him to come over and he was more than happy to do it.”

Richards and the cheerleaders arrived early on the set to get their directions, change into their outfits and in Richards’ case, set up all of his equipment. An added bonus for Richards was the presence of his Aunt Lil, who was part of the Vi at Aventura Choir that also performed on tonight’s episode.

But at the end of the shoot, Richards was clearly the star and his passion and enthusiasm came across on camera. He was so excited to talk about his favorite team and the tailgate tradition he has helped grow that Bush had to cut him off before they went to commercial break. The experience was one Richards will remember for a long time.

“It’s been great. We got out here early this morning and the crew was really great and the weather turned out beautiful,” Richards said. “Anytime we can represent the Dolphins and Miami it’s an honor. They’ve always been good to me over the years and in good games or bad games we always have a great time in the parking lot. We feed as many people as could come by and everybody’s welcome to come by. We have a rule that we’ll feed any opposing team, they just can’t sit in our seats. We’re really jazzed about today’s event and it was ironic that Billy started off by calling me the mayor of tailgating because that’s actually what I’m called in the parking lot.”

Bush and Hoover truly enjoyed the cooking and tailgating lesson, as well as getting a chance to cheer with the cheerleaders and learn some moves. But Bush was still talking about the food prepared by Richards after the shoot wrapped up.

“Big Dave and his wife Diane really delivered,” Bush said. “He made the empanadas, which you’ve got to have a Cuban flair to it so that was great, and we had some sausage. He never runs out of beer, the guy, and down here especially you always have nice weather, so the tailgating is equally as important as the game. So we learned a few things from a true pro and this guy has a true theory here, which is you never run out of beer, you’ve got to have enough seating for people and tentage and if I were to add one thing, you put some sexy people around the place.

“As for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, they’re very sexy and they’re very kind to show us some moves. Throughout the league I think the Dolphins cheerleaders get a lot of love so we learned some things from them, too. I really appreciate the girls for helping me out and the Dolphins represented in a huge way today on the show.”
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