Dolphins Generations: Jared Odrick And Vern Den Herder

Posted Jan 30, 2013

Current and 1972 players share their views on different football topics. This edition features defensive ends Jared Odrick and Vern Den Herder.

Who is/was the toughest player you have faced?

Jared Odrick: “Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots because he’s a strong guy with strong hands and he’s hardly out of position. Guys that aren’t out of position or their bodies aren’t out of position are probably the toughest guys to go against. You can get a strong guy that you can have better body position than and you can get a quick guy that you can be stronger than. So he’s rarely out of position and he’s got real strong hands.”

Vern Den Herder: “There was a couple of them. One was George Kunz, who was with the Baltimore Colts. We played them twice a year. The other was Ron Yary of the Minnesota Vikings. We always seemed to play the Vikings a lot and I enjoyed playing against them. They were clean, hard players. They were very physical and probably two of the best run blockers in the league. They did a good job protecting the passer as well. You knew you were going to be in for a real physical game because they were fire-out blockers up front.”

Who sets/set the bar at your position?

Odrick: “The guy that’s similar to me in terms of body type and over the years has been Richard Seymour. I always envisioned myself having the same body type so I’ve looked at Seymour and what he does over the years as the guy that sets the bar for me.”

Den Herder: “Since I shifted from end to tackle at times I’d have to go with Bob Lilly of the Dallas Cowboys. I really liked his play. I like those kinds of players that really know how to use their hands. It’s not all speed but it’s finesse and knowing how to move the blockers and Lilly was one of the best at it.”

What is/was your most memorable moment?

Odrick: “Without a doubt it has to be when I first broke out the Pee Wee Herman dance after my first sack of Tim Tebow when we played Denver last year.”

Den Herder: “It was the last play of Super Bowl VII when Bill Stanfill and I sacked Billy Kilmer. We were having a celebration on top of Kilmer and he was minus his helmet. We were told by the referee to get off of him . Knowing that we were Super Bowl champs at last and in doing so we went undefeated as well, that’s the best moment. That’s the one I’ve talked about for years.”

What is/was your best Coach Philbin/Shula story?

Odrick: “When he started dancing after our first win, that is something I will never forget because rhythm is not something that he should be trying to do. It was pretty funny.”

Den Herder: “I’m not sharing that. It’s none of your business (laughing). I have one but I am not going to share that.”