Dolphins Generations: Matt Moore And Dan Marino

Posted Mar 7, 2012

In Dolphins Generations, we ask the same questions to both a current Dolphins player and an alumnus who played the same position to see how their answers differ based on the era they played in. This week's Dolphins Generations features current Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino (1983-99).

Who is/was the toughest cornerback you have faced?

Matt Moore: “Probably Darrelle Revis just because his athletic ability is just unbelievable. The way he sticks to wide receivers in man-to-man coverage is impressive. He does it better I think than anybody. He’s real sneaky and he’s a smart player, too. He knows where his support is, he knows when he’s one-on-one and when he is one-on-one he usually doesn’t lose. That makes him tough to beat.”

Dan Marino: “I think back to the Raiders guys and it wasn’t Lester (Hayes) but it was Mike Haynes. Albert Lewis of Kansas City and Deion Sanders over the years are up there and there were some great ones but I really respected Mike Haynes and how he played the game. He had a combination of everything, speed and athleticism, and he wasn’t afraid to get in someone’s face and play bump and run knowing he didn’t have any help. You don’t see that as much these days.”

Which quarterback did you look up to growing up?

Moore: “John Elway. Growing up on the West Coast that’s who you followed. We’re from not far from each other and we always followed the Broncos and Elway.”

Marino: “You know I loved Joe Namath because I grew up in Pittsburgh and liked his style. He was the first guy to wear white shoes and have long hair and as a kid I thought that was pretty cool to be a quarterback and be able to do that. And I also liked Terry Bradshaw because he played with the Steelers.”  

Which is/was your favorite play to run?

Moore: “I like it when we block them up and take a shot down the field with something crossing underneath.”

Marino: “Go deep. Just go deep.”

What is/was your best asset as a quarterback?  

Moore: “I’m constantly adapting to things around me. I think when I have to throw deep I can throw it deep and when I have to run I can get out of the pocket and run. I’m not just one dimensional.”

Marino: “It was a combination of things for me but the most important thing for a quarterback besides being smart, understanding what you’re doing, having good feet and good technique is you’ve got to be able to throw it and throw it on a line. That’s it. Having a great arm is the most important thing and I had that.”

What is your most memorable play of your career?

Moore: “Believe it or not it was a fourth-down play I think my rookie year against Dallas. It was fourth-and-12 and I hit Steve Smith. We didn’t score but it was a 56-yard play and I hit him right down the seam in the middle. It was one of my favorite plays in my career.”

Marino: “Oh man I had a lot of them, but one that gets talked about a lot was the fake spike. It wasn’t that big of a deal actually. It was a pretty simple thing but it became a big deal because of how it happened and it was against the Jets. It wasn’t a great throw, it was just a simple thing, but it was the effect that it had that made it a big pass.”
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