Dolphins Generations: Mike Pouncey And Dwight Stephenson

Posted Feb 15, 2012

In Dolphins Generations, we ask the same questions to both a current Dolphins player and an alumnus who played the same position to see how their answers differ based on the era they played in. This week's Dolphins Generations features current Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and former Dolphins Hall of Fame center Dwight Stephenson (1980-87).

Who is/was the toughest defensive lineman you have faced?

Mike Pouncey: “The Patriots defensive line with Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth (now with Tampa Bay) are without the best front I’ve faced just because of their size. Both of them are great players and outside of their size they understand the game a lot, so they really know what’s going on with our blocking schemes. They were the most physically and mentally prepared guys I went against.”

Dwight Stephenson: “The toughest defensive linemen that I played against were Joe Klecko and Howie Long. They were similar players in many ways. Joe Klecko was just a powerful, powerful individual and very disruptive. Howie was a great athlete and could do a lot of things and both of them were very smart players. Howie had long arms and like I said he was an athlete. He could run well and had great balance.”

Which offensive lineman did you look up to growing up?

Pouncey: “Growing up I was a Buccaneers fan so Kenyatta Walker and basically the whole Tampa Bay offensive line. But Kenyatta is also a former Gator so that helps.”

Stephenson: “The guy that I watched was John Hannah. During that time he was doing some unbelievable things in the league and I still watch some of his old films today. The guy was just a phenomenal player and as far as an offensive lineman, I’ve never seen an offensive lineman play the game as physical as he played offensive line.”

What is/was your favorite play to run?

Pouncey: “I’d say any play I can pull. I like blocking in space so any play where I’m in space.”

Stephenson: “My favorite play was Dive 32, where I had the nose tackle and it was a play where I could just use my imagination. Sometimes if the play went real well I could help block two people on that one play.”

What is/was your best asset as center?

Pouncey: “Outside of my smarts I’d say my athletic ability is my best asset. If you’ve got an athletic center you can get him out there in space and obviously you can come up with plays where a guy’s blocking down you can let the center pull instead of letting the guard pull. So the physical and athletic ability is probably the best part of my game.”

Stephenson: “I was a pretty decent athlete playing the center position and I had pretty good strength, but quickness was probably my biggest asset. I felt like I was just as quick as anybody I was playing against.”  

What is/was your most memorable play of your career?  

Pouncey: “I’d have to say Chad Henne’s draw play when he scored against the Patriots. It was just fun. I went up there and I cut a linebacker and then all of us celebrated in the end zone. That’s something I still think about all the time and it’s a play that you can look back on and see all 11 guys in the end zone celebrating. Everybody did their job on the play and everybody was enthusiastic about it and we all celebrated as a team in the end zone.”

Stephenson: “Well, I can’t say a play because I had a lot of memorable plays, but the game that probably stands out is the 1985 Chicago Bears game. It was special to the Miami Dolphins as being the only undefeated team and even though I wasn’t a part of it I did have to defend that title, so that was special.”
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