Dolphins Generations: Mike Pouncey And Jim Langer

Posted Mar 29, 2013

Current and 1972 players share their views on different football topics.

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Who is/was the toughest player you’ve faced?

Mike Pouncey: “I’ve still got to stick with Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth when they were together in New England last year for my first game in the NFL. I’ve got to put Sione Pouha in there for the Jets. He’s a good football player and very strong, much like Paul Soliai. But Vince and Haynesworth, those guys are standout players. Vince has been in this league for a long time dominating. He’s hard to block in the running game because he’s so good. He knows when the play’s coming at him. Haynesworth is out this year but when he was playing he was one of the best.”

Jim Langer: “If I had to pick one I’d have to go with Curley Culp of the Kansas City Chiefs. Pittsburgh center Mike Webster and I were good friends and we always thought Curley was real tough. He was the NCAA wrestling champion, so he was really good at establishing leverage. He was very quick and very good at getting position and leverage on you, so you had to really be on your game to control him.”

Who sets/set the bar at your position?

Pouncey: “No question, it has to be my brother, Maurkice, with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pounceys set the bar at center and that’s how we’re going to keep it until we retire. We coach each other and we’re each other’s biggest critics, but we’re also each other’s biggest fans. So whenever he messes up I make sure I let him know because it’s hard to tell a great player that he messed up on something, but I can always put him in his place just like he does for me.”

Langer: “I think Mike played a similar style to mine, except that he put two hands on the ball and I used one. But Mike was very good at getting position on players, getting them walled off and creating seams and lanes for the running backs to run through. That’s how all of us were on the offensive line in terms of being strong and getting the jump on the guy across from you.”

What has been/was the most memorable moment of your career?

Pouncey: “I still have to say the Kansas City Chiefs game in 2011 (a 31-3 victory on Nov. 6) because that was my first win as an NFL football player. It was a long road to get there but this team prevailed and we finally won our first game and I’ll never forget that. The offensive line got game balls for that game.”

Langer: “Without a doubt it was coming into the locker room after beating the Washington Redskins in the Super Bowl and having the absolute satisfaction of that season begin to sink in. We hadn’t lost a game and winning the Super Bowl after having lost it the year before was a great sense of accomplishment and reward for the team working real hard to get there. It was unforgettable.”

What is your best Coach Philbin/Coach Shula  story?

Pouncey: “Coach Philbin is a great guy and he has a great attitude about football. Guys like being around him because he loves being here and he’s our head football coach. He is picky about things. He wouldn’t let us untuck our shirts on the plane ride home from our first road game. He said no swag on the way back, keep those shirts tucked in. He’s a great guy and we love him.”

Langer: “I can vividly remember he threw me out of practice once because I pulled the wrong way. He didn’t accept penalties very well, let’s put it that way, so I left the field right away and I watched the rest of the practice. That’s the way Don was and as a player you just tried to make it through the day and keep your job.”

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