Dolphins Players Share Their Holiday Memories

Posted Dec 24, 2012

On Christmas eve, Dolphins players look back at their childhood holiday memories.

Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory 

Tony McDaniel: I left the cookies and milk out for Santa and I ate the cookies and I was scared Santa was going to put salt and pepper in my stocking.
Jonathan Martin: I’d say back when I was a little kid in Pittsburgh seeing the snow falling and going downstairs and seeing all of the presents under the tree.
Daniel Thomas: I knew I was getting a fourwheeler, so I was waiting up for my granddad to drive up in his truck. I remember getting up and watching through the window them bringing it in.
Cameron Wake: One Christmas morning I woke up I figured Santa had to be real because there was a basketball hoop and bikes and I figured there was no way my mom could have carried a basketball hoop in here. Santa had to do this.

Favorite Holiday Food

Tony McDaniel: Chitlins.
Jonathan Martin: A Christmas ham.
Daniel Thomas: My mom’s sweet potato pie.
Cameron Wake: Candied yams.

Favorite Christmas movie or song

Tony McDaniel: “A Christmas Carol”
Jonathan Martin: “Silent Night”
Daniel Thomas: “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Cameron Wake: “Silent Night” by The Temptations

Most memorable Christmas gift as a kid

Tony McDaniel: A Big Wheel.
Jonathan Martin: My parents got me one of those little scooters with the pedals I could ride around in the backyard.
Daniel Thomas: Nintendo 64.
Cameron Wake: A bicycle.

Gift you'd like to get a specific teammate

Tony McDaniel: I’d like to get Reggie Bush a size-9 custom-fitted hat because his head is so big.
Jonathan Martin: I want to get Will Yeatman a new pair of shoes.
Daniel Thomas: I’d like to give my best buddy Charles Clay the gift of love.
Cameron Wake: Get Chas Alecxih a new car
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