Dolphins Players Share Their Thanksgiving Memories

Posted Nov 21, 2012

Several Dolphins players share their childhood Thanksgiving memories and what they are most thankful for this year.

What are you most thankful for?:

Reshad Jones: My family
Jeron Mastrud: My family
John Jerry: Definitely my family because without my family I don’t think I’d be in the position I’m in right now.
Jared Odrick: I’m thankful for the people in my life that support me, and my health.
Koa Misi: My family
How did you spend Thanksgiving growing up?:

Reshad Jones: I was raised by my granddad so we’d always get together and go over to one of our relative’s house or they’d come to us and we’d have a big dinner and watch the games.
Jeron Mastrud: My mom’s family for Thanksgiving Day and my dad’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and then as I got older it was just as five.
John Jerry: Always it was a big get-together with the family and getting ready to eat and it was always at my mom’s house. I remember always waiting in the kitchen for my mom to finish and playing football with my brother.
Jared Odrick: I did one year on and off with my mom’s family and my father’s family, so one year we’d be going down to Philly or Delaware to see my mom’s family and one year we’d be staying in Lebanon, Pennsylvania to see my mom’s family. There was just way too much eating on both ends and two different scenes, and we’d watch movies after we ate on my dad’s side and on my mom’s side we’d just be eating and sitting around talking and basketball was big. My grandmother bought a basketball hoop in her driveway just for me so anybody in the neighborhood who thought they could beat me would come over and get their butt whipped.
Koa Misi: We always got together for a big Thanksgiving dinner with our family and the whole family showed up. We usually did it at my dad’s house because it was a little bit bigger and we’d have a lot of food. We just got together and sat around in a circle and told each other what we were thankful for.

Other than turkey, the Thanksgiving food you liked the most:  

Reshad Jones: Dressing or stuffing
Jeron Mastrud: The ham because I like ham more than turkey.
John Jerry: Chicken dressing because that’s something people don’t always cook.
Jared Odrick: My Uncle Terry’s special stuffing with a secret ingredient that he tells nobody about. That’s probably one of my favorites along with my Aunt Renne’s macaroni and cheese and then my grandmother’s cheesy chicken, which is a baked chicken with four different kinds of cheeses and broccoli in it.
Koa Misi: We do it a little different with all of the Polynesian food, so it would probably be the pig and the lau lau (beef, chicken, butterfish or pork wrapped in taro or ti leaves).

What is your one Thanksgiving football memory?:  

Reshad Jones: I’d have to say last year when we played the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and we lost (22-21) in a real crazy game. That one stands out the most as far as football because we played in one of the best and biggest stadiums in the league and it came down to the wire.
Jeron Mastrud: Last year in Dallas because my whole family came to the game. I have some relatives in Texas so they were there and I mean, you’re playing Dallas on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t get any better than that because I grew up watching Dallas play on Thanksgiving so that was a dream come true.
John Jerry: For me growing up it was always watching Mississippi State and Ole Miss play each other because they always play on Thanksgiving, and then I got to play in that game. There really wasn’t one game that stands out because we always kicked their butts.
Jared Odrick: Randy Moss his rookie year because I remember watching that game and it was the first time I ever saw Randy Moss play. I was just amazed by what he was doing. On a personal level, it has to be last year’s game at Dallas, though it would have been much better had we won.
Koa Misi: I’d say playing the Dallas Cowboys last Thanksgiving in Dallas.

One teammate you’d most like to spend the holiday with:  

Reshad Jones: Sean Smith
Jeron Mastrud:  Daniel Thomas just so he’d bring his new helmet with him.
John Jerry: I’d have to say Mike Pouncey because him and I are really close and he’s the guy I hang out with the most.
Jared Odrick: Chaz Alecxih because he’d say something stupid.
Koa Misi: Paul Soliai

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