Dolphins Remember Their Favorite Dolphins-Jets Games

Posted Sep 21, 2012

Current and former Dolphins share their memories of some of the epic games in the Dolphins-Jets series.

Trying to pick just one game in the pantheon of Miami Dolphins-New York Jets showdowns is almost impossible, but took on the challenge with current and former players.

Below are some of the memories shared by the likes of former Dolphins Jimmy Cefalo, Kim Bokamper and John Offerdahl, as well as current Dolphins Dan Carpenter and Brandon Fields:

Former Dolphins Wide Receiver Jimmy Cefalo

Well, for me playing in it, it was the 1982 AFC Championship Game where we watered the field down before to make sure they couldn’t run. Of course as a wide receiver I wanted it to be slippery. That was the most memorable one because we were going to the Super Bowl and the stands were jam packed despite the monsoon that was there all week long. A.J. Duhe had the big interception return for a touchdown and the defense played well and we were just lucky to stay afloat because the weather was so bad. But it didn’t matter. All of South Florida celebrated and it was the most memorable game of my Dolphins-Jets career. I think it was the first time in history that a team had won three times against the same opponent in one season, so doing that was extra special.

Dolphins Long Snapper John Denney

The one that sticks out is the one up in New York back in 2010 (a 10-6 Miami win on October 12th) where Brandon (Fields) single-handedly dominated field position for us. That ended up being the key for us because it was a low scoring game and I have to go with that one because being on the punt team I was more involved in it. He was on that day. 

Former Dolphins Tight End Joe Rose

I’ve seen games where we’ve had minus yards rushing and thrown for a bunch of yards. I’ve seen just about everything. I saw Mark Duper make a one-handed catch with basically no time left and that’s the game I remember the most (November 10th, 1985). We’re in the two-minute drill down 17-14, I caught a couple of balls underneath and Duper went deep and somehow, shockingly they let the fastest guy on the field get behind him and make a one-handed catch. We won the game, 21-17.

Dolphins Kicker Dan Carpenter

It was the game up there at the end of my rookie season and the wind was blowing and I had a 48-yard field goal to help seal the win and force them to score a touchdown just to tie. The wind was swirling and that kick always stands out in my mind because we won the division with Chad Pennington as our quarterback.

Former Dolphins Linebacker John Offerdahl

My Dolphins-Jets memorable experiences began with my first game against the Jets as a rookie in 1986. It was late September and it was my first venture to the Meadowlands. We both entered game three of the season with identical 1-1 records. The Jets have the ball and are driving down the field with seconds left in regulation. The ball is on our own 21-yard line with time for just one play left. Ken O'Brien drops back. I read the play coming from the opposite side of the field. Wesley Walker is breaking towards the middle of the field at the 5-yard line. I come from the opposite hash as the ball leaves O'Brien’s hand. I have a bead on it! I see the dream of ESPN’s Play-of-the-Day! I leave my feet in full stretch of the oncoming missile, only to feel the thread of its lace dash past my fingertips into the hands of the magician. Wesley Walker scores with no time remaining and overtime arrives. Minutes after the start of overtime, Walker catches his third touchdown for a 51-45 Jets victory. Astonishingly, Marino and O’Brien combine for almost 900 passing yards! But, we have payback nine games later when the 10-1 Jets come down to the Orange Bowl to receive a 45-3 romping by the Fins. The sweet taste of Jets revenge began for me back in 1986!

Dolphins Punter Brandon Fields

“Without a doubt for me it was that December game in 2010 (December 12th) when I had 10 punts and averaged 56.4 yards per kick. I think my longest punt was 69 yards and I just remember how big field position was in that game because neither offense could really move the ball. It was raining and windy but I felt like I was in a zone.

Former Dolphins Linebacker Kim Bokamper

Obviously, the peak of the rivalry came in the 1982 AFC Championship Game at the Orange Bowl when we beat the Jets, 14-0. It’s pretty vivid in my mind and I hear from a lot of Jets fans about the muddy field and them claiming that Coach Shula left the sprinklers on the night before. My response is usually, well that was the third time that we beat them in that year and how many times do you have to beat a team before they realize that you’re just better than they are? Whether the field’s wet or dry, indoor or outdoor, driveway, parking lot or highway it didn’t matter, we would have beat them no matter where we played them because we were a better team than they were.

Former Dolphins Wide Receiver O.J. McDuffie

The biggest game I was involved in was the fake spike game (won by the Dolphins, 28-24, on November 27th, 1994). Mark Ingram had four touchdowns that game as he and Danny (Marino) were on the same page and the play that Bernie Kosar said was going to work one time worked to perfection. Danny threw the pass over a young Aaron Glenn right to Ingram and that was probably one of the most exciting games I was involved in I was on the sideline and if you watch the film you can see me jumping up and down like a cheerleader. We had a couple of linemen that kind of busted on it because they were supposed to block silent but both receivers did what they were supposed to do and obviously Danny did what he was supposed to do. It was a good play.

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