Dolphins "Zero In" On Start Of New Season

Posted Apr 19, 2017

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill explains the meaning of the "Zero In" slogan and the T-shirt.

The Dolphins had reason to be proud of what they accomplished in 2016, but Head Coach Adam Gase has repeatedly said over the past few months that the 10-6 record and playoff appearance won’t mean anything come September and the start of a new season.

The Dolphins, like every team in the NFL, will start 0-0 again.

That, 0-0, is exactly what you could find on the right sleeve of T-shirts worn by Dolphins players at the start of the conditioning program this week. On the front of the shirt were the words, “Zero In.”

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill explained the meaning of the slogan and the T-shirt.

“Last year was kind of a starting point for us, but we left so much out there, so many details that we didn’t zero in on and lock in and be consistent with,” he said. “That’s kind of our theme right now heading into this offseason is focusing on the little things, details, and improving those. That will pay big dividends in the grand scheme of things.”

Gase talked Monday about his vision for the team, and the same theme emerged.

“I want our team to just understand that we’re starting over, we’re 0-0,” Gase said. “The last thing we can do is just rest on last year. It’s basically dead and gone and we’re moving forward. And our job is to get better every day and it started today for us. Bring your A game every day, make sure that you’re learning from every experience that you have, whether it be in a meeting or on the field or through a workout and find ways to improve. Don’t be complacent on what has happened in the past because at the end of the day we’re being evaluated on this season.”

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