Ellerbe: You Can't Help But To Be Confident

Posted Jul 21, 2013

Dolphins linebacker Dannell Ellerbe speaks with reporters following the team's first training camp practice of 2013.

(On confidence in team success moving forward in AFC East) – “I mean you can’t help but to be confident in a team that has guys that work like the guys here work, I’m used to working hard and I came here and didn’t take (any) slack off. I’m just ready to play.”

(On message from head coach to start the season) – “Just the basic training camp speech, what we looking for in the team, just winning basically, coming out here working hard and just being smart.”

(On how he can change the atmosphere for a team that hasn’t won in a while) – “It’s not just me, all these guys are working hard and working to win, nobody stays on top forever, and the underdog will have his day, and I feel like we’re a underdog right now, it’s a new season and only time will tell.”

(On if it’s good to have Dion Jordan at camp) – “It’s good to have him out here, I’m just ready to get him out here and get him practicing.”

(On any welcome given to rookie) – “No I haven’t talked to him yet, I’m looking forward to it, he’s had a lot of things going on right now with him signing and getting situated and everything.”

(On what dynamic he will add to the defense) – “Pass rushing man, I heard he’s a good pass rusher and he was drafted numberthree3, so I know we’re going to get something out of him.”

(On what can be made of team after first practice) - “After the first practice you really can’t tell too much, because we don’t play until like September so, right now we’re just getting out legs up-under us and getting our mental right.”

(On if you can look around room and think they have a good chance at success) - “It’s not much so about names then the way these guys work again, and our team works hard, like our team is in college and we’ve got guys that can run. You can have a lot of names on the team but when you’ve got a team that works together and everybody working for a certain goal, you can get the most out of everybody.”

(On how to improve on only 16 takeaways) - “You have to make a play when the play comes your way, it’s nothing that’s just going to come to you just have to make plays, can’t drop picks, you have to knock the ball out of the quarterback hands when you got sacks, it’s just something that you have to practice in practice and bring it to the field in the game.

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