Ellerbe: You Have To Make The Play When Your Opportunity Comes

Posted Jul 24, 2013

Dannell Ellerbe answers questions from reporters about the ability of himself and Philip Wheeler to rush the passer and add be playmakers at the linebacker position in 2013. Also, Ellerbe discuss the communication between the two new linebacker.

(On if there is pressure for Dion Jordan ) – “No, there shouldn’t be any pressure; he should come out here and have fun. He can’t let the pressure get to him. I really don’t think there will be any pressure because at the end of the day we all are playing football, he’s been doing it for all of his life, it should be second nature, he just has to learn the playbook again, because he’s new, he hasn’t been here for OTA’s so that will be the most pressure, learning the playbook.” (On if he’s seen some guys feel the pressure as high draft picks) – “I can’t speak for those guys, I’m pretty sure some guys let it get to them, but the strong ones always prevail.” (On his work ethic, and how much he attributes it to Ray Lewis’ influence) – “Being with Ray, I’ve never seen anybody like that, in between sets he’d be doing pushups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks, he’d be out here in a hoody and a sweat jacket just out here practicing. I’ve never seen anybody like that, I won’t do all of that right now, but I it’s a good thing to be around and it pushes me to work hard to.” (On how he feels about seeing Randy Starks in person) – “During the OTA’s I heard how good he was, and I saw him a little bit on film, him and Paul (Soliai), we were watching film and we would see the dolphins defense on camera, and he was Pro Bowler this year. That speaks for itself man, he’s a veteran guy. I’m happy to be playing behind him.” (On if creating more turnovers can be learned or a skill ) – “It’s just one of those things that you have to make the play when your opportunity comes, it’s no way you can just go out there and be like I’m going to get such and such turnovers, it’s just something that happens, if the ball pops up you’ve got to catch it. We had like 23 fumbles that hit the ground last year and we only picked up 6 so, it’s just a matter of making the plays. (On if Dolphins coaches are emphasizing it more than in Baltimore) – “We always emphasized it in Baltimore, but we’re doing it a little bit more here, as far as stripping the balls, the way we got different footballs set up in different meeting rooms, and stripping balls when you come into the meeting, so I feel like we’re doing it a little bit more here.”
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