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Famous Fin Fan: Troy Tulowitzki

Posted Oct 25, 2011

A native of Santa Clara, Calif., Troy Tulowitzki, nicknamed Tulo, is a two-time all-star shortstop for the Colorado Rockies. Tulowitzki’s arm, range and instincts at shortstop are highly regarded. On September 10, 2007, Tulowitzki hit his 20th home run of the season, which set the record for most home runs in a single season by a National League rookie shortstop. He ended with 24 home runs on the season. Overall, he owns a career .293 batting average, with 122 home runs and 443 RBIs.

Q: How long have you been a fan of the Miami Dolphins, and how did you become one?

Tulowitzki: “I’ve been a fan since as early as I can remember. I was always watching Dolphins games with my dad and I became a fan because of my dad, even though we both grew up in California. He became a fan because my grandpa was a Steelers fan and the Steelers and Dolphins had some good rivalries when they were growing up, so my dad always went for the Dolphins. And then obviously with Marino. Marino came along and then my dad really fell in love with the team and it just kind of carried on from there.”

Q: What is your favorite Dolphins memory, and why?

Tulowitzki: “It was the Marino years and in my opinion I got to watch the best quarterback that I’ve ever seen and possibly in the game. What he could do in the pocket, because he couldn’t get out of the pocket much, but with the quick release and how he was able to stay healthy and have some big years was great to watch. Obviously, it would have been nice to get a Super Bowl, but he was pretty special, along with the Marks Brothers.”

Q: Two years ago you got a chance to visit training camp when the Rockies were down here playing the Marlins. What was that like, and who were you most interested in meeting?

Tulowitzki: “At that time I’d have to say Bill Parcells. I know he’s not with the organization anymore, but I think he’s pretty well known in football. Player wise, they were all doing their drills, so I didn’t really get to meet any players, but it was cool just to sit there and talk to Bill Parcells and get to know some of the young players that were there and who he liked. Not too many people get a chance to talk to Bill Parcells - and about football. I got to watch Jake Long and I just think for being the No. 1 pick, even though offensive linemen go unnoticed, you could see night and day when he got there how much of a force he is in the running game and how they run behind him.”

Q: How tough was to follow the Dolphins during baseball season, especially being in Denver Broncos territory, and do you get any grief from teammates or fans for wearing a Dolphins T-shirt during batting practice?

Tulowitzki: “No, they don’t give me any grief. All of these guys are from different places, so not too many of us are Broncos fans in there. Obviously, they’re closest to us and some of the players stop by, so you root for them and you want them to win, but we kind of all have our teams. Fantasy football has gotten so big now that there’s so much coverage that we watch games in the locker room. It’s pretty easy to follow. In the offseason I really don’t miss a game usually. It’s a 10 a.m. game, which is 1 p.m. Eastern time, but I’m on California time, so I’ll go to church in the morning and make sure I get home for kickoff and it’s kind of become a routine for me in the offseason.”

Q: What position would you play for the Dolphins if you were on the team?

Tulowitzki: “I would love to play quarterback. I played quarterback in Pop Warner. In high school I focused on basketball and baseball and I kind of regret that. I wish I had played football just because I love the game. As a quarterback you have to be smart and you have to be the leader of the team. I look forward to studying pitchers all the time in baseball, so now I’d just be studying defenses and I’d definitely put in the time. I know that quarterbacks nowadays have to always be in the film room, but I’d definitely be willing to do that.”

Q: Who on the Dolphins most reminds you of yourself in terms of physical abilities and demeanor?

Tulowitzki: “There’s not probably too may guys because they’re so athletic. Not that I’m not, but these guys are specimens from what I’ve seen. I don’t know, maybe Dan Carpenter or someone like that. I always liked the way Zach Thomas played and I’m a competitor like him, so I’d say out of all the Dolphins he’s the guy. He was very competitive, didn’t have maybe the best skills in the game but he made the best out of what he had.”