FinsWeekend Creates Lasting Memories While Raising Millions

Posted May 9, 2013

More than $2 million has been brought in by golf and fishing event.

One week from today, 2013 FinsWeekend will kickoff with a golf pairings party at Turnberry Isle Miami – and the Miami Dolphins Foundation will proudly begin to watch its charity coiffeurs grow. 

The signature event of the Miami Dolphins’ primary charity arm has raised more than $2 million and continues to draw some of South Florida’s biggest donors. Throughout the year they are able to see their charitable dollars at work in the community, which gets them to come back time and again.

Three days of golf and fishing with current and former Dolphins players, coaches and front office personnel, along with high-energy parties, dinners and charity auctions are the trademarks of Fins Weekend. This also happens to be one of the most popular weekends for the players, with some taking to the links and the ocean and others choosing one or the other. caught up with some of the current players to get their thoughts and favorite memories of previous Fins Weekends:

“It’s always a great time and you meet new people and have different experiences. I’d never been on a boat that much and this is my seventh year participating in Fins Weekend. Back home we’re used to doing spear fishing and not deep-sea fishing. – veteran defensive tackle Paul Soliai

“I didn’t do the golfing last year but I did the fishing thing. It’s a great event that they host down there for us and for the community. This year I’ll be bringing my dad with me on the fishing boat so hopefully we catch some big fish. Last year I caught a black tuna so I want to catch a swordfish this year and hopefully one year we can have me, my brother and my dad on the same boat.” – center Mike Pouncey

“I’m looking forward to it again. This year I’m planning on having my girlfriend and the whole family come down and do the fishing and some will hopefully do the golfing. We’re going to make it a whole family event and all I can say to the guys participating for the first time is to embrace it and understand you’re going to be exhausted at the end of it because it’s a lot of fun and non-stop. It’s really nice to enjoy it all and soak it all in and it’s definitely a highlight of each calendar year.” – wide receiver Brian Hartline

“I think I only missed the fishing maybe once or twice but I remember the one year when it rained like crazy right in the middle of the golf tournament and the streets in Miami Beach flooded. Overall, I have a lot of good memories of some good golf shots and catching a few tuna on the open water. Just the fact that you get to see a lot of the supporters of the team, the diehard Dolphins fans and the people that give back to the community, that’s the best part.” – punter Brandon Fields

“I always do the fishing because I haven’t got my golf game down yet. It’s a great weekend and that’s probably one of the most fun weekends of the summer. A lot of guys come out, a lot of guys enjoy it and it’s a way to give back at the same time but have some fun and a little competition while hanging out with the fellas all in one weekend. It’s an overall great event and I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of it for five years now and it’s a lot of fun.” – defensive end Cameron Wake

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