Five Questions With...Jordan Lucas

Posted May 3, 2016

We play five questions with defensive back Jordan Lucas, one of our sixth round draft choices out of Penn State.

What was the draft process like for you?

“It was crazy dealing with the injury and rehab and everything, and then getting ready for the combine and Pro Day. It was a short amount of time for me because I was rehabbing a lot throughout that process, but it was great. I met a lot of great people and I’ve been blessed. I’ve been blessed to keep a clear mindset throughout this whole process and now I’m just ready. I’m happy to be a Dolphin and I’m ready to work.”

Did you play a lot of press coverage in college?

“I played corner for three years in college and safety for one. (I) played a lot of man (coverage), a lot of press, close to the line (and) a lot of bail technique, so (I) mixed it up. I played slot corner for three years out of my four years at Penn State. On certain packages, I would move into slot. I played field, corner, boundary corner, slot and strong safety.”

Why did you move to safety as a senior?

“Just to help the team out. They felt that it was the best thing for the team at that time and (the) best thing for me. They felt that it would help me out on the next level – being able to play both positions – and my knowledge for our defense was great. I knew the safety position. I knew what the corners had to do. I knew what the linebackers had to do down to our defensive linemen movement. I was a senior and they felt that it was best to have a senior back there.”

What was your best game at Penn State?

“I would say my best game at Penn State was probably the Michigan game (in 2013). I had my first career interception that game. It was just a great team win for us. We went (into) four overtimes with Michigan. I had a great game for such a young guy. It was probably the most fun I’ve had playing at Penn State.”

You recorded four sacks in your career. What was behind that?

“They sent me on a lot of blitzes. I’ve been playing nickel for three years as well as corner. I would come on a lot of blitzes and sometimes I didn’t get the sack, but we were able to cause pressure. We had a great defensive line so they would occupy the offensive lineman and the tight ends and sometimes I could come free.”

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