Former Dolphins Proud To Be Back With Team

Posted Feb 22, 2017

Six alumni signed one-day contracts Wednesday to allow them to officially retire as members of the Dolphins organization.

The Dolphins Hall of Famers and other Dolphins Honor Roll members at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University on Wednesday traded old stories and made each other laugh out loud.

Their reason for being there was all about the organization saying thank you to Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Larry Little, Nat Moore, Kim Bokamper and Sam Madison and applying the final touches on their brilliant careers.

The six players signed a one-day contract Wednesday to allow them to officially retire as members of the Dolphins organization. While the six all ended their playing career with the Dolphins, they technically retired as free agents.

The Dolphins wanted to rectify that, so the six signed a one-day contract sitting at a table in the auditorium at the training facility before they officially retire Thursday.

“In this day and age, we try to get players to retire as Dolphins,” Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum said during the signing ceremony, which was broadcast live on Twitter and Facebook. “This means a lot to us, our legacy. We’re all so proud of it and all the contributions you guys have made, it means a lot to all of us. We thank you guys and we’re proud that you’re Dolphins.”

As Tannenbaum indicated, the six players combined for two NFL MVPs awards, 14 first-team All-Pros selections and 25 Pro Bowl invitations.

Tannenbaum pointed out that the organization previously signed linebacker Zach Thomas and tackle Richmond Webb to one-day contracts so they could retire as Dolphins after each player finished out his career with a different team — Thomas with the Cowboys, Webb with the Bengals.

The six players Wednesday were in a joking mood as they prepared to sign their new contract, with Marino joking, “Where’s the part for the bonus?”

Before they started sharing stories during a Q&A, the players took turns explaining what it meant to officially retire as Dolphins.

Moore: “It’s part of the long bond that they’ve had with former players. The Miami Dolphins alumni are probably at the forefront of the league with the interaction between organization and the former players and this is just another step in that direction. At this late date to be called in, have a chance to sign a contract for a day …. the time I spent here playing for the Dolphins being a part of this organization matters. For me, today is a fun day and a chance to reflect back when I played and guys I played with.”

Griese: “We all appreciate what the Miami Dolphins are doing and giving us a chance to sign a contract and finish out contracts out with Miami Dolphins.”

Marino: “Thank you for today. This organization, the team, this city, football, it all means so much to me. It’s been my whole life besides family. My first love was football. To sign a contract for a day, I’m very proud of it. I’ve been very proud my whole career to be a Dolphin and only a Dolphin and never play anywhere else. The fact that I’ve been a free agent for 16 years and no one’s called is kind of upsetting to me. … I just love being a Miami Dolphin. Even if it’s for a day, that’s fine with me.”

Little: “I will always be a Miami Dolphin.”

Bokamper: “This organization has meant more to me than I’ve meant to the organization. It’s given so much in the 40 years I’ve been down here. … (I) feel like the luckiest guy at the table here.”

Madison: “The day I got drafted by the Miami Dolphins, it changed my life forever. Really, really special to me. For those nine years I played here always wanted to be a part of the community.”

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