Gibson: I Think I Can Run Any Route Out There

Posted May 29, 2013

Veteran wide receiver brings big playmaking skills to the offense.

Brandon Gibson was the second free agent wide receiver signed by the Miami Dolphins back in March and came in with much less fanfare than the speedy Mike Wallace. Based on what he’s shown so far in OTAs, that might be about to change.

This morning was the first day of the team’s second set of OTAs and the 6-foot, 205-pound Gibson was again demonstrating his talent at being effective from the slot. His sure hands and innate ability to get open are two of his biggest strengths.

“I think I can run any route out there,” said Gibson, who caught 51 passes for 691 yards and five touchdowns last season for the Rams. “My think is just to know what I’m doing. If I know what I’m doing I think I’ll be all right. I think my thing is just making plays, going out there and catching the ball and just making things happen.”

Head Coach Joe Philbin and his staff saw what Gibson was capable of last season when he was with the St. Louis Rams playing at Sun Life Stadium. He made an acrobatic 22-yard catch near the sideline with time winding down to set up a potential game-tying field goal, but rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein missed wide left from 66 yards and Miami held on for a 17-14 victory.

Philbin really likes the way Gibson catches the ball and how he goes after the ball in the open field, especially considering his size. He talked about how he didn’t see too many double catches by the veteran and that he has really good hands, but the route running skills also sold the coach and his staff.

“It’s not like he’s only going to line up (at slot), that’s certainly not going to be the case, but the slot, there’s some savvy that goes along with that position and some understanding of coverages,” Philbin said. “You’re in between the linebacker level and safeties dropping down and those types of things. You’re going to have to read things on the run relatively quickly and we think he’s a guy that has that awareness to adjust to different coverages, which I think you have to do inside.”

Second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill made it a point to get some work in early with Gibson, Wallace and new tight end Dustin Keller shortly after they signed their contracts. He was eager to develop a good chemistry with the entire receiving corps and in the first set of OTAs it was

evident that work paid off with Wallace. Now that he has gotten more comfortable with Gibson, Tannehill also sees the limitless potential in what the ex-Ram will bring to the offense.

“He’s a good player. I think he’s still learning and adjusting to all of the nuances of the offense,” Tannehill said. “It’s one thing to sit in a meeting room and learn it on paper, but all the adjustments and hot throws and stuff that you kind of pick up over time we’re still getting adjusted to. He’s doing a good job. He’s here working and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week and the rest of the spring to continue that.”

Gibson was quick to echo that it’s a learning process he’s going through right now and that he’s confident he will only get better. He’s becoming acclimated to the way Philbin runs his practices in split groups, keeping it up-tempo and he’s also getting acclimated to the receiving group, describing the entire room as talented and cohesive.

Of course developing a strong rapport with Tannehill is the highest priority for Gibson and all of the receivers and he is well aware of what that process is all about.

“It takes countless hours,” he said. “Typically, you’re not going to come right in and be good right off the bat. You’ve got to make sure you work at it everyday after practice and before practice and being on the same page and watch film together. It’ll just get better over time.”