Gillislee: I Feel Like I Am A Complete Back

Posted Apr 27, 2013

Dolphins fifth round pick is happy to stay inside Florida.

(On how thrilled he is to stay in Florida) – “Man it feels good man. I’m going to be closer to my family and I’m just ready to play football. It’s good weather to play football and everything.”

(On coming to the Dolphins with two of his teammates from this past season) – “Man I’m ready. I’m ready to connect back to those guys and I’m ready to compete.”

(On how his skill set meshes with an up-tempo style offense) – “I feel like I am a complete back. I feel like I can block, catch the ball and run the ball very well. I’m a good competitor and just being behind Chris Rainey I learned a lot. I’m just ready to play football.”

(On whether he met with the Dolphins at the Combine and the Senior Bowl) – “The Dolphins were always my favorite team. It was always a dream, and now my dream came true.”

(On how he got the news that the Dolphins selected him) – “I was at my family’s house in front of the TV just patiently waiting for my name to be called.”

(On whether he learned of being drafted on television) – “No I was on the phone with them, with the GM and head coach, and they were like they were going to call me in two minutes and then they called my name.”

(On whether he was surprised at the amount of players selected from the University of Florida) – “I’ve always been surrounded by good talent and everything. I’m just ready to play football, that’s all.”
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